Fishing for tench in the summer

Tench is a fish of unusual and not very popular among fishermen as to catch her is not easy. He lives in the thickets of river or lake to a depth of 1 m, Prefer a mud bottom, so sand this fish is almost nowhere to be found. The novelty of Lin lies in its name: after the arrest as if he sheds that does not affect its taste. For summer fishing for tench is perfect reeds, and throw the tackle you need as close to the reeds. The best time to catch tench is considered to be the spawning period, which lasts from March to June. After June, the bite begins to slacken and aktiviziruyutsya only since mid-August. The biting of tench is important to have the weather conditions and fluctuations in atmospheric pressure. It is considered the most suitable windless, cloudy weather with falling pressure. If fishing will occur after the rain, the best of time and impossible to think. The most effective will be the catch for the morning and evening.

By way of being lazy is considered as a sedentary fish, rarely leave their settled places. Only occasionally in search of food, he moves across the pond, avoiding cold currents. The same activity is observed in the spawning period. On the surface lazy, hardly appears, therefore, to meet him there, except that you can warm summer nights. Providing all the above features, we can construct a so-called picture of the location and time of catch of this fish.

The most common is fishing for tench on the float rod with rod length of 3 meters, equipped with the coil (inertial or spinning). The line it is better to take not too thick, about 0.2 mm, hooks will fit medium size (No. 6), leash 0.02-0.04 mm Float is desirable to choose a longer stick. Sometimes the bait I put 2 leash of different lengths from 70 to 150 mm.

Stir up the lazy line will help well-chosen bait. The our fishery is advised to lure a few days before the fishing. As bait you can take chopped earthworms mixed with earth and rolled into small balls. Also suitable for various cereal and oil cake.

What are lto catch tench in the summer? The perfect bait will serve as an earth worm, maggots, bread. But most of all, lazy love, after all the animals of the nozzle, which is creating beams of a few pieces, hiding the sting of the hook. This is especially true of bloodworms.

Excessive caution Lin makes his bite is very peculiar: the float begins to slowly sway from side to side. At this time, Lin as if trying to bait the taste. This is followed by ingestion of the bait when the float goes sharply to the side or under the water. And to hook in you need it with such a sharp jerk of the float. Because the fishing line often produce close to the reeds and bushes, cutting must be done until the moment, like Lin try to hide in aquatic vegetation. Important when breeding is the fact that in the case of snatch laziness immediately tries to burrow into the muddy bottom of the pond. And despite the fact that laziness is not very active fish with a finicky character, playing his great pleasure with the proper and correct approach will reward you with a good catch.

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