Fishing for tench in the spring

Laziness is a unique fish. Only carp may be less demanding to the amount of oxygen in the water. Laziness survives even in the summer of Zamora. It would seem that such hardy fish should thrive in all waters. But this is not so. After all, in the food rivals Lin strong carp and carp are active and the opponents of the ruthless pike.

As a result, only some, fairly rare reservoirs can be called the abode of Ling. Fishing for tench – a tricky science, and just about how to do it in the spring of our story.

Where to find the tench in the spring

This fish wakes up after winter hibernation among the latter. But its behavior is quite predictable. In search of food Lin begins to move to areas of the reservoir where the water warms up better.

• In the reservoirs of calm water is weedy shoals, the mouth of small rivers (or streams), shallow channels between the two ponds.

• In the rivers in the spring tench can often be found in shallow water (depths up to 1.5 meters) in bays.

• At the mouths of small rivers with low flow.

Important for the Lin condition – the presence in such places, safe havens in the form of snags or dense aquatic vegetation.

What kind of tackle to catch tench?

It is best to catch spring suitable tench float rod. To choose it will have, based on the casting distance. At short distances will be indispensable centrifugal pole that allows you to work with ultralight, sports equipment. Thin main line (the section up to 0.16 mm), mild to 1 gram float, leash-section to 0.12 mm, dark hook No. 12 or No. 14 is a good way to convey all the nuances of careful biting Lin.

In the case of long cast fishing for tench it is necessary to apply the Bolognese or match rods. And some especially «difficult» cases, fishermen use a sensitive picker. The requirements for equipment remain the same – it should be as sensitive.

How to use attachments?

Laziness is a big fan of the red worm. The only feature of the application of this universal nozzle spring on the hook it is better to stick pieces of worm. Good tip on the spring line – the moth in conjunction with maggot. Use it for catching the hero of our story only if the tench in the pond is dominated by a, or «sandwich» will pay attention to any other fish.

How to lure Lin?

Laziness is almost never kept at one place, many moved in search of food. Therefore, the bait in his fishing needed. The easiest way, which is more like a bait – place the fishing spot up the inverted roots of the turf grass coastal. The turf must be pre-releasing pieces 15 – 20 red worms.

This should be done at least the day before fishing. During fishing it is better not to feed. There are bait, as usual grained and low-fat cottage cheese, millet mixed with rice carp, but they are starting to work well closer to summer.


To be fair, the behavior of Lin during the open water season is constantly changing. And catching this fish in the spring is very different from the fall fishing. In addition, each pond at Lin your taste preferences, behavior, its dependence on the weather.

Therefore, fishing for tench it is possible to write a treatise, which anyway will not reveal all of the secrets of his capture. Therefore, all fishermen tip: «do Not make for yourself an axiom that read even in the most respected fishing magazine. Any body of water lives its poorly understood even by scientists life.» That is why fishing for tench in each particular pond is an interesting topic for wanting to return home with their catch, the fishermen.

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