Fishing for tench in September

Lin refers to those fish that do not like to change their homes. He’s looking for food off the coast, and always has your favorite sites that keeps coming back. Look for it where laziness finds himself with swinging the stems of plants, periodical, clouding the water with silt rising from the bottom of the chain of air bubbles. This fish is often quite quite a few bushes iris or sweet flag, and a small vegetation on the banks, hanging directly into the water (this is especially true for sites over).

Fishing for tench in September and continues throughout the day, from early morning until evening.

The most favorable conditions for fishing are warm cloudy days with a moderately high slightly primatene water. In the case of steady clear weather also takes a good idea, but only in the morning and evening. The day Lin can peck at the bait fishermen only at the moment when he searches for food in the mud or water is fed in the thickets.

Fishing for tench in September is held on the float rod with nozzles which should be kept at the bottom, periodically repeating the casting, so as to avoid immersion in the mud. If these fish are in a heavily overgrown pond, which managed to clear aquatic vegetation from a small area, you can fish for tench, slowly lowering and raising the nozzle.

Lures and bait

As bait for catching tench in September, perfect peas, potatoes, dough, mussels, crayfish, manure worms. Last nasazhivajut on a hook accordion to the sting was well hidden. Lin, sucking the bait can go, feeling the hook. In addition, reasonable bait before fishing or during it. Fine food can be old breadcrumbs, mixed with pressed cottage cheese. If the bottom is too muddy, the bait is placed in the trough. But to do this is highly undesirable, especially if fishing takes place on shallow depths, This is because the manger likes to go down the little thing that laziness does not like. Daytime intensive biting does not last long. Yes, and the nozzle Lin takes very suspicious, but peculiar – at first gently touch her, and only then take. The timidity and caution of this fish is enhanced by the fact that it mainly lives near the coast. In lowland reservoirs to look for Lin should also in the shallows and in the coastal zone. This fish is very similar to the habits of the carp, and therefore it often happens along with it. Due to its abundance and the prevalence of line in our waters anglers can focus solely on his catching.

Tackle for catching tench

The fishing-rod for catching tench in September need to pick the most long, and fishing line strength to 2 kg. the Leash must be rolkowy, and the float is very easy, the best samoigrayuschy because the nozzle will lie on the bottom. Most large tench to be extracted from water without conclusion, so we can not do without such necessary things for fishing as podsachek.

Lin prefers to take the nozzle, which is a bit does not reach the bottom. Therefore, the hook is better to take Nos. 5 to 9, or even smaller. To catch tench in September is best from dawn to 8-9 hours and up to 15-16 hours in the afternoon. Large line is famous for its great power and zeal while walking in Kiev.


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