Fishing for tench in may

May is the best month for spring trip. Not because it is being actively spawning most species of fish, and with sufficiently intense biting amazing fish – tench. Your habits and way of life Lin like their «neighbors» — and crucian carp. Despite his constant way of life, the only time in the year when Lin gets off in large shoals for spawning is late spring. The main habitat of the tench are shallow waters with a muddy bottom. Laziness is occasionally found in river oxbows. He doesn’t like currents and deep places. Laziness awakens from its winter slumber, when well warmed up water. When the temperature reaches 13 degrees the fish awakens and begins to feed at a temperature of 15 degrees it starts spawning. Hungry fish are less skittish, and so Lin is fine to be caught close to shore, in shallow water. Weather conditions significantly affect biting of tench is not available. The only condition is moderately warm weather. The best tackle is undoubtedly a float rod. However, on the big muddy shallows, in the absence of a large number of Tina, perhaps the use of a donkey with a rubber shock absorber. «Spring menu» Lin rather monotonous. As a nozzle it is best to use red worms or bloodworms. The barley in this time of year gives the minimum number of bites. The nozzle must be placed near the bottom or at the bottom. As a rule, Lin most of the day is at the bottom in search of food. Rises from the bottom only at dusk or at night. The presence of line gives the number of air bubbles rising from the bottom, Lin produces, digging on the bottom in the mud in search of food. The best food during this time pieces of turf that are pre-placed a few worms or bloodworms. The turf will be a long time to be on the bottom, and does not fall apart unlike lumps of earth. Once on the bottom, the pieces of turf will create turbidity, thereby attracting tench. To lure the fish, preferably a few hours before fishing. Increasing the number of bites lure should be minimal portions or even stop the bait. When fishing on the float rod, fishing line and were most often near the shore, to a depth of 50 centimeters. The tackle must be strong, there are cases when the trophy fish bite when actively resist, go into the mire, where removing them is problematic. In this case, it is necessary to rely on the strength of the gear. Bite tench on the float rod, as a rule, cautious and lethargic. Sometimes a bite can last up to several minutes, testing the patience of the angler. Bite Lin is very similar to the crucian bite. The hooks for catching the fish use a medium size number 5 to 6 for metric classification. The rod should be powerful, of medium length to 4.5 meters. Donka with the rubber shock — the second most popular rig for catching tench. To catch it is possible not in all places. Significantly restrict the ability of catching Tina on the bottom and grassy banks of the pond. On «elastic», usually used no more than 5 hooks to minimize the likelihood of a hook. When playing trophy instance there are cases of breakage of the rubber damper. It is therefore necessary to have available stock, if necessary, to replace it. In conclusion, we can say that Ling — fish is common enough, but to catch a specimen can only intelligently selecting the fishing spot and well prepared for fishing. The resistance of this fish will give you positive emotions and good mood. Good luck! No tail, no scales!

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