Fishing for tench in June

After spawning, which usually happens in the beginning of June, Lins get their characteristics: caution bordering on suspicion and intelligibility in the food.

Speaking of Lina, like any other fish, you need to consider the specific conditions of fishing. Still, the habits of tench in the river are different from the habits of the tench, which lives in shallow, silty pond.

Where tench can be found?

The river Lin in June, moves across the pond using as a means of masking aquatic plants. Predator linëvyy delicious meat loves. Therefore, if there is a gentle flow of a river tench at this time of year you need to look at the relative shallow waters of the kelp forest in places where at the bottom lies a shallow silt.

In the river inlets, especially if in a coastal area there are water plants, tench rests on the border of open water and aquatic vegetation. There is, and it should be sought. Here he kept any possible shelters, from the pits and ending with the submerged plants.

In large lakes, ponds and reservoirs, where the usual predator, Lin holds the reeds, eating out on the heated parts of the reservoir, demonstrating phenomenal care, and then returned to their hiding places.

Overgrown ponds linëvyy Paradise. There, where the line to hide from a predator. There he chooses to supply any irregularities of the bottom, even if it is a trunk, towering above the deep bottom.

Best June laziness feels shallow, the summer sun warmed the waters of the quarries and ponds, where the predator is absent as a class. Such ponds a little. But there line much. In such reservoirs competes with the only tench carp. And laziness often takes over carp schooling the way around the pond. In other bodies of water are too lazy or eats alone or is moved through the reservoir in pair.

What you catch tench in June?

To catch tench in June on plant and animal heads. In many ways, the lure selection is like a lottery, especially if out on an unfamiliar body of water. But the universal head of all times and peoples, designed for catching the June Lin is an earth worm.

Worm of the earth, you need to dedicate odes and erect monuments. So this is a great bait. But Lin is a special fish. He prefers «friend» worm. In ponds, the banks of which graze cattle, laziness will never take on Californian worm, podistica or white earthworm. Only having spread «dung», you can catch good tench. This rule triggers for all reservoirs. Choose the nozzle you need with what lazy faces at least periodically.

The worm in combination with barley grain or wheat is a typical summer shower. At this time, Lin goes to vegetarian food. And the combination of the worm with a grain of laziness takes graciously. In the second half of June, the lazy confident bite on plant tips, although the larger specimens still fall for the worm and the various «sandwiches».


No bait and bait fishing for tench is devoid of certainty, more precisely, there is no confidence in the catch. Too much of this fish moves. To a certain place it needs to attract. To at least part of the bait went to the tench, it is necessary to saturate a bait with a mix of large factions. Even pieces of the worm should be large enough that they could not swallow the stuff that comes on the bait first. Recipes bait – a separate issue, unfortunately, is tied to features of a particular reservoir.

What kind of tackle to catch tench in June?

June is the month when tench can be caught in virtually any gear that is used for peaceful catching of white fish. The most effective will probably be of the variety of float equipment. While laziness comes across perfectly on all versions gonochnoj snap.

June is the perfect month for catching tench. And not use it does not.

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