Fishing for tench in autumn

Here come the beautiful Golden autumn time. All the students are learning in school, and themselves avid fishermen go on the autumn fishing. We will talk about fishing for tench in autumn, because in autumn and in spring there is a special activity of this fish in our waters.

Lin belongs to the family Cyprinidae, is found most often in lakes or streams with silted areas of the seabed. The size of the fish are quite large, but its length does not exceed 30 cm. this fish is Called so because it has the ability to change its color: it is noticed that caught Lin out of the water, immediately covered with black spots and mucus, which hardens in the air. In autumn swims at depths of 2 to 2.5 meters. Ling fish is very lazy. Before swallowing the bait, it some time relishing it.

Tackle and bait

It is well to consider, what equipment and bait to take fishing for tench in the fall. Warm Sunny day is enough to the availability of easy bait. Unfortunately, in September, though it’s good weather, but during the day you may experience gusty winds. Because of this, it is necessary to get the undergrowth with additional gruselle and special floats. In case of bad weather Ling is becoming less cautious. This is due to the fact that under the influence of ambient noise (bursts of water, falling leaves and branches on the surface of the pond) he loses his vigilance, and that’s when there is a great chance to catch long-awaited prey. In the autumn of laziness chooses the purest areas of the water, enabling fishermen sometimes get the fish simple float grid.

Bait and nozzle

As bait for catching tench in autumn use sour cheese, or millet porridge with chopped boiled egg. You can buy a regular store-bought bait. Don’t forget to throw a lure around the place of the alleged fishing. And most importantly, the bait did not give turbidity. The nozzle should be protein as Lin prepares for winter hibernation and so in the fall he always gets off in large flocks. For catching tench in the fall as a nozzle it is possible to take a normal dung worm, crayfish meat, bloodworm and various insects. Still it is possible to prepare pellets of the dough: the dough is rolled into a pancake and cooked in a broth of oil cake of sunflower seeds, then cut into small pieces and rolled them with pellets. Nozzle is kept at the bottom, throwing it in the event of an influx of silt. Lin takes a head if it is a little not reach the bottom. Special attention experienced fishermen are advised to pay bite. It should be noted that when the float starts to walk around, and he trembles, then falls into the water to half. This is a sure signal for sweeps. She sweeps have to be fast if not instantaneous, and strong. This is to ensure that the hook went into the fish as hard as you can, and Lin nice hook. If not hooking the fish breaks off the hook. However, this does not apply to large animals.

Following these simple rules, you will not miss a single fish. The main thing is to have patience. The only downside is that fishing for tench in the fall ends quickly, because Lin goes into hibernation. But don’t worry — spring will come, and catching tench again will bring you pleasure!

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