Fishing for tench in August

Ling – fish, with a complicated character, therefore it requires special conditions of fishing. This means that our fishery, you must first have a good lure, weather it is advisable to choose not the hottest, best overcast. The important role played by proper bait and tackle for fishing. Tackle for fishing for tench in August should be very strong, because at this time of the year often come across large specimens, weighing from 1 kg and more. The line diameter should be not less than 0,2-0,25 mm, hooks №№ 3-5. The leash is better to take a few more thin the basic scaffold and painted in the color of the pitfalls. The float and the sinker is regulated so that the hook attachment was at the bottom, and not lying on it, because otherwise the fish the bait just won’t notice.

In August, when spawning at Lin stops, the biting starts again after several weeks of stagnation. But anyway fishing will not be the same production which was in the spring. Bite Lin starts before the sunrise and lasts for up to 10-11 hours. The afternoon bite is almost terminated, and ends with this «calm» late in the evening. Just before sunset the fish goes back to the utility bills.

Experienced fishermen advised to choose for catching tench in August near the reed and the reed, or in divorce, in the intervals between them at a depth of about 1.5-2 m as bait it is better to take small manure worms or bloodworms. But plant attachments should be avoided. The worm should stick to «stocking» to the head and stinger hook was hidden.

Bite the Lin kind. First observed 2-3 short-term fluctuations of the float, followed by a minute or longer pause. And here you need to be remarkable patience. Then the float starts to move faintly to the side, and then disappears at a depth, gradually increasing the speed. Cutting you need to do in that moment, when, after the deviation to the float begins to sink. Wait until it completely disappear under water, don’t need to, because, feeling the slightest resistance, Lin spits out the nozzle.

Going to catch tench in August, be sure to take a bait and throw it in place of fishing. Ideal chopped worms, pressed cottage cheese with the addition of soaked hemp or flax meal.

Perfect weather for fishing for tench – cool cloudy, with normal atmospheric pressure. Great if before fishing will warm drizzle. Lazy does not like abrupt pressure fluctuations. Look for this fish should be in ponds with well-developed vegetation, in which there are no currents and cold water. Ideal river bays, Straits, lakes and ponds, overgrown with reeds and cane.

Remember that sloth – slow and lazy fish. Her movements, usually slow, therefore, to meet Lin in the open water almost impossible. He leads a settled and quiet lifestyle. In the month of August Lin feeds mainly on larvae and worms, which it finds on the bottom. However, he will never disdain Tina or other vegetation. In the night time laziness out of their shelters, grassy, and goes to clean water.

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