Fishing for spring carp

I’m probably not mistaken if I say that almost all anglers know that the best time for catching of a crucian it is before the spawning period. But not all fishermen, with this information, return home with a decent catch, not to mention the fact that the present catches of trophy fish. In this article we will look at ways of catching carp, as well as the way of its search on the reservoir. During spring hunting for carp you need to choose the right pond and storage pond. In the first place attention should be focused on reservoirs with small depths or here the pools where there are quite large shoals, which had last year’s aquatic vegetation. Carp at this time comes from not warmed up yet weak sunlight of the depths and begins to feed on the coastal shoals, the depth of which does not exceed meters.

Very much help when choosing a reservoir survey of acquaintances anglers. Because it happens, so that virtually identical conditions reservoirs the crucian starts to be fed at different times. If you have the right information failed to get, the choice of the reservoir will have to be based on proven facts.

Fishermen are people of «great» in all respects, and especially good fishermen notice features that relate directly to fishing. Based on these observations, it is known that fish is better caught in such waters, where in addition it no more fish livestock don’t dwell. If the fish live other members of the carp family or the same omnipresent perch in this reservoir carp bite much worse. And the bite can happen at a certain time. And it is a condition that the population of carp can be very large. In the spring, carp can be caught at shallow depths, almost taking the bait under a float. In connection with such features need thorough approach not only to the choice of the reservoir, but also to the choice of fishing at this pond.

The choice of the place of fishing.

Start your search for promising areas to hunt for fish need in proximity to aquatic vegetation, which remained since last year, or close to the small holes on the bottom. Such a hole can be considered as the difference in depths of a few centimeters relative to the rest of the bottom. Extremely rare heavy carp feeding in the shallows between the shore line and aquatic vegetation, but large gaps in last year’s algae directly attract large carp. You should pay attention to the places where rise young shoots of the reed, calamus, or reed. It is also worth remembering that respectable carp love to spin among zakorjazhennye sites.

When selecting a location, a role played by the characteristics of the wind. Very well, when the wind has a constant direction. Then he moves the heated water into one area of the water body and as a result contributes to the concentration of carp in the area. The wind raising ripples on the surface, perfectly camouflages the angler, which is important when the carp is caught at shallow depths.

After determining the place of fishing, you need to scout how deep is carp.

Often carp in especially warm days rises to the upper layers. At the selected location to explore all the depths and folds and depressions on the bottom. Then you can throw the bait.

Bait and nozzle spring.

For bait especially to invent anything not necessary. You can just buy the normal crucian groundbait and mix it half with soil, taken directly on the shore in the site of the future fishing diluted with water to the desired consistency. A positive result will add to the bait of a small number of nozzles which will be fishing. In that case, if you have prepared a few tips, you need to add everything in equal amounts. Pour all the bait is not immediately necessary. Better in the process of catching a ride with small portions.

Spring carp capricious, but still more readily encroach on the nozzle of animal origin, although it is possible for the fish to bite on corn or barley porridge.

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