Fishing for Rudd on the pole

For starters, you need to choose a gear, as this will affect both the ease of fishing and the catch. First of all you’ll have to find the length of the rods. Most who fishes from the shore using a fishing rod with a length of five to six meters. This length is optimal, as Rudd prefers the coastal part of the reservoir. The weight of fishing rods is also not a few important! It is best to fishing rod had great importance, as it will be easier to handle, and the hand gets tired quickly hold her.

After selecting a fishing rod, go to the selection line. The best option is when the rod goes from the main line, almost the length of the rod, and at the end of a length of about twenty centimeters leash, smaller diameter. The diameter of the main line must be calibrated from 17-25 hundredths of a millimeter, and leashes from 12 to 17 hundredths of a millimeter.

Fishing with a float or not, it will be your choice, since fishing with him or without him does not reduce your catch, it only affects the convenience. Though, if biting is almost after dropping the snap, it is better to fish without it, holding the rod in your hand, so you will be able to increase the speed of undercuts, thereby obtaining much more of the catch.

The selection of hooks is very easy! The hook needs to be thin and not large, it is also possible to resort to the jig. It needs to be without any coloring, with a little sting.

The next stage of preparation for fishing for Rudd — will be the selection of bait. Here, in principle, everything is simple, in the still water of the required small feed. With a small over — plump and small. With strong currents should food mix with mud to cover in the pond gradually. For convenience, you can use feeders that you can put the necessary food and throw it near where casting tackle.

The best baits will have a live nozzle, it can be like worms and maggots with bloodworms. But also, Rudd will not refuse if you offer him bread, corn or barley.

After preparation, it is time for the selection of places for fishing.

Summer is pretty easy to find a place to catch a Rudd. It can be found in places with vegetation, where the depth is more than ninety centimeters. And in places where there are fallen trees in the water. Why is this place!? Obyasnyat that Rudd during warm goes to the vegetable diet. So, for the best fishing to use vegetable nozzle, but still need to have a little live nozzle.

In the autumn bite will decrease more and more. Must catch it on the live nozzle.

Good luck!

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