Fishing for roach in winter

Winter fishing interesting each in their own way. But every fisherman does not want to remain without a catch. Almost all species of fish, Louisiana and available in summer and winter, but each of them now requires more careful preparation and skills of fishing.

Rules of choice of catching fish.

Favorite place inhabited by Rudd in winter it is a shallow sandbank with plants. This distinguishes it from many other fish prefer the deeper locations. Look for her on the depth has not much meaning as in the strata of water, it becomes sluggish and rarely active.

So the choice of location is determined – shallow sandbank protruding on the surface of the day in the reeds. There is complexity in this kind of fishing due to the large presence of aquatic plants are frequent hooks. Depth of field is characterized by not more than one meter. In connection with such depth, you should try less noise, so as not to spook the fish.

Drilled the hole should not wait for a bite of fish, as she will depart from this place. So if you plan to harvest space, it is better to make the necessary number of holes, distance between them more than one meter.

Fishing for redfin – choice of nozzles and bait.

In principle Rudd is not a very picky fish, so catching it is almost all well-known bait. But still prefers the maggots and bloodworms.

Blesna for catching of such fish don’t need most of about 4 millimeters. For coloring in Sunny weather it is necessary to give preference to gray colors. In the darkening mormyshka better replaced by more vibrant, but matte color. Its shape should be the most varied and chosen specifically for the location.

Start fishing, fish better in the morning because after lunch, her bite is significantly reduced and can even stop. Besides, she prefers days with thaw, the increase in frost – may cease to be active.

Though it is noted that the Rudd a very active fish, but to pull it out of the water is not difficult. But sometimes come across rather large specimens. Knowing the opportunity in the reservoir, where fishing, the presence of such instances, you should have a supply of a solid line.

Play a jig without special jerks, sometimes making a long stay. Rudd, as well as in summer, when properly caught more bait. To apply for this decoctions of cereals full cooked to fall apart. They need to make the pillars fall particles. For this need to sleep directly on top of the hole.

These simple methods will give the opportunity not to remain without a catch.

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