Fishing for roach in the middle zone of Russia

Roach with perch, is the most common fish in the middle latitudes of Russia, that lives in freshwater. Along with the industrial value of this fish has a specific value for recreational fishermen. Interest in the small fry, not only due to the fact that it is often found, but the comparative ease of capture. However, to achieve solid results it’s better to know some features of the catching of this fish.

Most successfully caught roach in the summer. As used equipment you should prefer float fishing rod or clearomizer, depending on what nature has in for on that pond where you want to fishing. It is worth to dwell upon the habitats of the roach. The fact that it is one of the most common fish in Russia, due to the relative simplicity of the roach. It can also be found in large lowland rivers and small streams. Do not shun roach lakes and ponds. Perhaps, the roach is not found only in excessively overgrown oxbows of rivers and fully enclosed with vegetation the ponds, giving their «possession» of the carp.

Due to the fact that roach prefers vegetable food, the nozzle should be appropriate. Most often used bread, dough, grains of pearl barley. You can fish and algae that grow in the coastal zone. However, one should not forget about the baits of animal origin. So, has proven itself the maggot that he is firmly seated on a hook, on one instance manage to catch a couple of fish.

Appropriate, considering that roach is purely flocks of fish, use bait, and even better – bait. She needs to have a vegetable nature – wheat, oats, miscellaneous cereals, milled crackers good for attracting fish.

In relation to the dimensions it should be said that roach is not true for large fish. Its usual weight does not exceed two hundred grams. In large rivers (Volga, Kama), however, the average size of the fish above, so catch of roach weighing 400-500 grams is not an unusual case. As exceptions, the capture of specimens and weighing half a kilogram, which are the record in nature.

From a gastronomic point of view, the roach also adds some interest. It can be fried, boiled, dried and jerk. It is meat of fish is quite watery and bony, so preference should be given to the drying.

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