Fishing for roach in the autumn

Going to the fishing of the roach in the autumn, before leaving the house, don’t forget to look at the outside and at the thermometer outside the window. Could charge the rain and considerably colder. Nature is preparing for winter. The water in the reservoir became colder, aquatic plants and cold suffer badly, and therefore die and go down to the bottom. Favorite food of fish larvae and worms prefer to burrow in bottom debris and silt at depth. Now the fish are harder to find food. I must say that with the onset of autumn fish do not need as many feeds as in the summer, it is less active, the metabolic processes slow down. If you don’t know all the tricks of fishing, rely on good bite when fishing for roach in the autumn is not necessary. A maximum of half an hour you will enjoy this process.

To return home with a good catch of roach, the first step is to choose the place of fishing. Roach is always looking for a quiet place with a depth not exceeding 1 meter. There must be a sufficient amount of vegetation, and at the bottom is not very a lot of sludge. Quite suitable for fishing small Bay, or the pit close to the steep banks. But still it is better to catch the roach in the autumn at a depth where the reservoir is fed by streams and small rivers.

Fishing tackle this time of year should not be thick and rough, as in a transparent cold water, its appearance may scare the fish. How tackle good fishing rod, not too heavy, not longer than 7 and not less than 5 meters. The diameter of the line it is better to take 0,06 – 0,08 mm, the weight of the floats should be 0,2 to 0,4 g, and the hooks should be placed under Nos. 20 to 22. What is fishing without bait? In autumn roach more attracted to animal bait. Well suited for these purposes, Motyl, larvae of dragonflies and caddis, crustacean-amphipod, blowfly maggots. Incidentally, the latter must wear on a hook, in the amount of several pieces. Roach will bite and manure worm and red worm, will be useful as bait shellfish. Roach bite better when the bait is moving, so throwing a rod, it is necessary to pull but not very hard to create the illusion of movement of the bait. To the place of catching the fish attracted by the bait, however, important not to overdo it in this matter. Bait for catching roach in the autumn is quite simple to prepare yourself and most importantly have the necessary ingredients. There you can add roasted and crushed oats, sunflower seed cake, some bread crumbs, and dried Daphnia. Kneading the bait better on the beach, using water from the pond. To bait became harder to fill up her small amount of soil, taken on the beach. A variety of additives like milk powder, egg powder, roasted peanuts make the bait more attractive to fish. What if I throw in bloodworms, the larvae of the blowfly or a bit of chopped worm — the effectiveness of the bait will increase significantly.

Very important when fishing for roach in the autumn, so that the bait was composed of not less than 90% of animal origin components the type of fodder Motyl and the worm. The vegetable part of the bait should be reduced. It is not necessary in the composition of bait in the fall add aromatic substances as they unsuccessfully blended with cold water and scaring the fish. Following these simple rules, you will ensure yourself a good fishing and nice time.

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