Fishing for roach in spring

Of course, fishing is one of the first and oldest Hobbies of mankind. With the advent of spring all the fishermen and sportsmen, and fans are waiting, when will the first water to fish and the most common fish in our area – roaches.

Roach belongs to the category of so-called white fish. Lives in reservoirs across Eurasia, and the fish lake-river. Early spring is a real chance to catch a big roach weighing more than a kilogram, with some specimens weighing up to three kilograms.

Lovat roach spinning, float fishing rod, a summer jig. Summer fishing jig includes entry and search of places where roaches and it accordingly requires additional uniforms. Fishing on the float rod is stationary, that is, from one place and from the shore. But the most popular gear for catching roach is, of course, float rod. The rod length varies usually from 5 to 7 meters. It is not necessary to use a line thickness greater than 0.12 mm, since a thick forest roach may not be suitable.Hook № 2-3. It should be noted that the bite of a roach the delicate and careful, so the float should be immersed in water most of the time, so he gave the slightest touch to the head.

The nozzle is used is very diverse: steamed barley, maggots, bloodworm, semolina, earthworms, water and manure. However, roach bite at anything indiscriminately, only during the so-called «Jora». When feed passes (after spawning), roach becomes capricious woman. If, say, an hour of pecking at the worm, then after you give her barley. And so, during the trip, it is necessary to change the menu several times. That is why experienced fishermen advise you to bring a wide variety of nozzles.

As for foods, here things are simpler. Suitable conventional dry mix, which is sold in any specialty store. But it is necessary to remember three important things. First: soak the foods you need water from a pond, where we want to fish. Second: it is widely believed that feeding should keep the ball on the bottom. This is absolutely wrong. The density of the breast should be enough only to reach the bottom. There it decays and fills in all the holes and bumps, which on the bottom enough. Thereby spreading the scent in the water and attracting fish. And last: not only lure lures roaches to the place of fishing, but also whet her appetite.

In the spring before spawning roach gathers in shoals, but shoals after a break up. Roach spawn on flooded vegetation flooding at depths of one and a half to five meters.

Not worth it, arriving at the pond, hurry and immediately casting the rods. First you need to examine the bottom to find the deepest place, then knead and spread the bait directly to the fishing spot and around it. Only then can you bait up and start fishing.

In March, in early Aprilwhen the water warms up to 7-8 degrees, roach perfectly caught in 8-9 o’clock in the morning, and only in those places where the sun heats the water. If the fishing spot is in the shade, it should be changed — they won’t bite. When the water temperature reaches 12 degrees of a roach starts «biting» as it prepares for spawning. At this time, the roach are biting in any weather, anywhere and on any bait. It should be noted that some fishermen during the «Jora» is not even lure a roach. Also do not have to monitor the bite because a roach eats everything hungrily. So, if during the «Jora» you will find a school, then return home with a good catch.

Don’t forget that to catch during spawning is allowed only on one rod with a float and not on the spawning grounds. Good luck!

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