Fishing for roach in September

In addition to the weather, in September comes and noticeable cold. The cooling water becomes more transparent than the fishing of the roach is much more complicated. Already in early September, the frequently observed absence of this fish in the usual summer period. The roach begins to move in depth, although some flocks as before remain in quiet river stretches with rocky bottom and a small amount of silt.

Despite the fact that fishing for roach in September is complicated by several factors, however, it is still very fun.

Especially for catching large specimens. Favorite places September roach become deep holes with a quiet period on the borders of the eyebrows or under the steep banks. In September the beautiful landmarks in search of roach serve areas of the pond with snag and snags hanging over the water branches of trees, holes and ruts on the bottom. All these places are not only parts of the fish food, but a wonderful retreat for her.

In September, the diet of roach varies considerably. In autumn, aquatic plants begin to die off, so the fish cease to respond to plant tips. The main diet is usually bloodworm, worm, all kinds of aquatic larvae, insects that fall into the water from the rain. Most of this feed is going into the mouths of the streams, Glens, and ravines, where and going small flocks of roach.


When fishing for roach in September, in addition to traditional baits (worms, maggots, bloodworms, etc. are used by various summer of the nozzle (the amphipod crustacean, larva caddis and dragonflies). If bite mainly large roach, it is advisable to stick to the hook at the same time several larvae. It is well-known as a nozzle okuklivanija the larva of maggots.


September fishermen dictates certain rules that require constant monitoring. For example, the gear needs to be thin and very sensitive in order to increase the chances of successful catching. For catching roach in September is ideal telescopic, carbon rod length is 9M. the Diameter of the main fishing line is best to take of 0.12-0.14 mm with a leash on the end of a diameter of not more than 0.12 mm in length and 25 cm Hooks should also be small, for example, No. 2.5, and float with carrying capacity of not more than 2 grams. At an equal distance to the main fishing line sinker is installed, which is five pellets. But keep in mind that the biggest pellet have to be at the top, and the smallest closest to the attachment of the leash. When selecting the depth of fishing is necessary to consider that the hook was not lying on the bottom, and was located at a height of 3-10 cm from it.


With regard to bait for catching roach in September, it needed but the number should be strictly dosed and not contain too large of feed particles. After all, it is important to excite the appetite of fish, not to saturate it. Ideal bait, consisting of bread crumbs, oatmeal and cake. All this is mixed with the addition of dried Daphnia or bloodworms. To fishing had the desired effect, the bait must contain particles of animal feed (chopped worm or Motyl). To weight and viscosity are advised to add dry powdered clay. The resulting mixture is made small balls, that you throw in the site of the proposed fishing.

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