Fishing for roach in October

In mid-autumn the roach starts to get in packs, and this process depends on a variety of weather conditions: air temperature, decline or rise of water due to the constant autumn rain, pressure, etc For catching roach in October on small and medium rivers will need 2 swing of the rod, which must meet the following criteria:

— to be as light, i.e. made of carbon fiber;

— fishing rods should be hard to build the lower part of the rod, soft top and compositoin monolithic graphite or a whip as a shock absorber.

Tackle for catching roach in October

For catching roach in October need to get ready, making 5-6 snap-on each rod of different lengths with floats different shipping. Fishing line it is desirable to use a thinner (up to 0.1 mm in diameter). The distribution of loading on the snap-ins may be different. Conditionally they can be divided into 3 types: shepherd boy-sinker, sinkers distributed or partially distributed. Floats are best suited sport in the form of olives or bullets made of balsa, with extended plastic antenna and long keel made of metal or graphite.

Tips for catching roach

In the middle of autumn are advised to give preference to animal attachments — the pieces of the worm, the maggot of the moth. The undisputed leader in most of the rivers, of course, is the bloodworm. However, it is necessary to know how to catch the right way to present it to the fish. Even in the autumn Zhora fish is very capricious. When fishing for roach in October is better to give preference to the hooks №№ 20-24 black, red or bronze color. Large specimens are choosing larger options of nozzles: a few maggots on the hook or maggot sandwich with a piece of worm. Don’t forget about the nozzle of plant origin – canned corn, peas and steamed barley. It is noticed that most medium and large rivers such tips are considered the best in this period. For fishing on steamed barley use hooks number 18, but peas and corn — No. 16-18. Moreover, it is best if the hooks would be yellow.

Bait for catching roach in October

For catching roach in October it is necessary to use bait. In color it can be divided into 2 types: dark (red, brown) and bright (yellow, orange). And those and other colors work the same way to attract fish, regardless of the color of the bottom of the reservoir. Therefore, we cannot talk about any one universal bait that is appropriate anytime and anywhere. So first, the angler will have to study the body of water where you intend fishing, and then decide on the color lure, richness of flavor and the composition of the additives. After that, you’ll have to experiment.

Site selection and tactics for catching roach

The choice of location and fishing technique roach in October cannot be called the most important conditions. All this is because the roach is a schooling fish that migrates constantly. Even in the autumn in shallow water, its size can reach several hundred individuals. Therefore, on the rivers it is advisable to choose areas that are very different from the average. In the example of the depth when the gauge reaches the bottom, you need to set the float so that the body and the keel of the float was sticking out of the water.


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