Fishing for roach in may

Roach were the most numerous fish species on the territory of the former USSR. It is widespread from Europe to the Lena river and from the Arctic circle to the Black and Caspian seas.

On average, reaches a length of 45 cm and weight 2 kg. it Eats mostly greens, but in early may of a roach begins the so-called feed before spawning. At this time it comes in well-warmed shallow grassy places and will not hesitate to eat Yazev and pike caviar. Roach is found in places with a quiet current and a hard bottom. At the end of may, after spawning, she moved to the pits with a weak current, in seagrass beds, in bays, backwaters.

Spawning depends on water temperature. Therefore, in warmer waters it starts in early may, and in lakes with long ice and water is not heated, it can start at the end of the month. The temperature required for spawning, varies from 8 to 15 degrees.

Fishing for roach in may — isn’t a simple task. During the «Jora» roaches eat everything, everywhere and in any weather. But after spawning the need for food is not so great and fish are fussy and picky. One fishing it can bite on an earthworm, then completely ignoring it, takes barley. And so the menu may change several times, so you should have a several kinds of nozzles. In fairness it should be noted that not only may the roach fishing very hard. This fish the most capricious in the ears. Bite she is very weak and timid, so you need to use more sensitive equipment and light floats. Catching roach on the feeder, a summer jig, spinning and the most common tackle is a float. The length of the rod does not have to be 5-7 meters, it is not necessary to use a line thickness greater than 0.12 mm, since a thick fishing line roaches will not work. The float should be immersed to the antenna in order to track the slightest touch of fish to the nozzle.

The main feature of the fishing of the roach in may that in the beginning of the month she begins a feed, during spawning, the bite stops, bite only spawned individuals, and at the end of may, after spawning, coming back to feed the fish eaten off, after almost a month of «fasting.» Time resuming the bite after spawning from 2 to 7 days. Roach fish schooling. Before spawning, going to schools, but after spawning disperses throughout the pond and in the beginning of the summer gets the hook only as a by-product of the fish when fishing for bream and other fish that prefer depth. Young first time keeps a flock among vegetation near the shores.

As for feeding, the situation is simpler. Suitable conventional dry mix, which is sold in any specialty store. But it is necessary to remember three important things. First, soak the foods you need water from a pond, where we want to fish. Secondly, it is widely believed that feeding should keep the ball on the bottom. This is absolutely wrong. The density of the breast should be enough only to reach the bottom. There it splits and fills all holes and irregularities. Thereby spreading the scent in the water and attracting fish. And last: not only lure lures roaches to the place of fishing, but also whet her appetite. The bait can be made and most mixed clay, algae and bloodworms or ant eggs. The nozzle is used is very diverse: steamed barley, maggots, bloodworm, semolina, earthworms, water and dung, a variety of insects and their larvae.

Roach spawn on flooded vegetation flooding at depths of one and a half to five meters, and lives at a depth of 1.5-2 m for small fish and 3-4 for a large.

But do not forget that under current law during spawning allowed to fish only one rod with a float outside the places of spawning grounds.

Successful fishing for roach in spring!

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