Fishing for roach in March

So ended the last month of winter and it was March. But the first month of spring while it’s only on the calendar, all the ponds are covered with ice mirror. And Amateur fishermen go ice fishing on lakes and rivers to come off in the last ice fishing of the roach in March. It has long been observed that the small fry before the period of melting of snow and glaciers, when it begins to change the oxygen regime of the lake or river, begins to gather in flocks and move around the pond. Before this process begins in the rivers, which are beginning to carry fresh water, woke up small springs and flowing into their rivers, and in lakes and ponds. Also influenced by temperature fluctuations, which in March are not uncommon, and variations in atmospheric pressure. Going to the pond, the angler must first properly define the fishing area of roach in March; this can often be more important than any bait, lure and snap together. Preference should be given to areas where there are streams that carry the oxygen-rich water, and also wash from soil of different food places at the bottom with differences of depths at which the red-eyed beauty may choose the optimal water horizon when the fluctuations in atmospheric pressure, the bottom of the pit, and areas near the submerged snags also should not be forgotten. Because tactics the angler can be as active search pack fish and move through the reservoir, and a passive seat near the wells, which with a good knowledge of the selected location can sometimes be quite successful.

The angler, for the first time was on an unfamiliar body of water, it is better to actively search, as roach for a long time is not delayed. Drilling a certain number of holes in different places, you can begin catching small fry in March. For example, near a tributary of the Creek at a shallow depth, then drill at a depth of 2-3 meters, it is also good if you manage to find the channel the drop off into the depths.

In places where the river makes a sharp turn, externally, the steep Bank of the river there is a pit over, usually the opposite. Such places also must not be overlooked. Further, in the process of catching roach in March, it will be possible to understand what time of day prefers fish, which parts moved.

To keep the flock active March of plitvicki longer in the right place, and you need to use bait. The range used baits now slightly expands compared to gluhozime while working only bloodworms. For catching roach in March you can use sunflower meal, various compounds such as brand production, and improvised. A common requirement for bait is that it is not too quickly saturated with fish, and was consistent with the trend in the shery. To do this, it can be added to weight the soil and the mixture should not contain too much nebulized in the middle layers of the water fractions.

Of tips for catching roach in March in the first place is always the moth, the second is shared by worms and maggots. Sometimes it helps the larva burdock moth and bark beetle. He felt the close breath of spring, rinsing the gills of fresh melt water, rich in oxygen, and gathered in flocks, roach becomes more active, more arrogant, bolder takes the bait, and the hook behaves smartly, and therefore equipment for the spring fishing should alter, equip a fishing line 0,16 – 0,18. Sometimes even put to 0.2 ,but must know when to stop. Spinners put spherical shape, with a hook No. 16-18. It is very important to compose the weight of the spinner and the flexibility of the nod, which should provide the game on the lure and not bend under excessive weight.

There are days when roach takes greedily, come across large specimens, sometimes break fishing line and utaskivaet under ice udilnika unsuccessful fishing. But the picture may change even within one day. You should always analyze what could be the reason, and in accordance with the changing conditions, a fisherman will never be without a catch.

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