Fishing for roach in June

Roach in June, behaves gently.

On the page where it is tightly adjacent to the bream, bleak, Rudd, crucian, tench and carp, to find roaches more difficult as she is forced to constantly look for food.

Where to look for roach in June?

Roach, judging by the catches in the waters of oxbow lakes is constantly moving. A small moving pack, the big fish is usually kept in splendid isolation. Small roach kept warm waters at shallow depths, and large – tries to keep at depth. And those and others try to avoid strong currents, but periodically returned to the places where the Bayou flow into streams.

Roach likes that the bottom was sandy and the water at the Parking lot at least slightly circulated. In these places it should be looking for. Only to approach the place closely, not observing the rules of disguise, still not worth it. Even Sabaneev believed roach is one of the smartest, most cautious of fish. And this enemy should be respected.

Kind of tackle used for catching roach in this period?

On the page easier to catch roach float rod. Depending on the fishing conditions you can use the centrifugal, plug, or Bologna tackle. Centrifugal and plug snap-in for catching roach needs to be delicate. The main line should be fairly thin (0.16 mm), as the lead of the fluorocarbon thickness should not exceed 0.12 mm

The float can be almost any shape. Its main feature – the sensitivity to biting. Although in June roach takes quite eagerly and confidently, better, if the carrying capacity of the float will not exceed 1.5 grams.

Hook is better to use small, made of thin, hardened wire, with a curved, sharpened chemically sting. Although, if you have to catch a worm, the hook can be changed.

Weights – pellets or «olives»?

Bottom gear, as a rule, meanders difficult to use. A thick layer of sludge can create serious problems for anyone, even the most experienced angler.

What bite roach in June?

During this period, roach begins to eat not only traditional animal baits such as maggot, moth, caterpillar, larvae of the caddis worm and a small worm. Its diet consists of aquatic plants, cereals and beans.

Summer roach on the page excellent bite on a steamed barley and wheat, loves Hercules and the dough cooked perfectly applies to Lupin. But, unfortunately, in this fish a lot of food competitors.

Bait roach and her biting.

Feeding roaches are often faced with an intense bite other fish. It looks like this.

Prokormil place purchase bait, lured to fill up the place with a float snap-in. The first bite is strong, confident. So in June, bite roach. And then biting it sharply stops.

Instead of a roach takes the nozzle from the bottom of the small bream, and in the water column prevails ubiquitous bleak. The latter simply does not allow the nozzle to sink to the bottom, intercepting her immediately after falling into the water. All before the appearance of these parts of the predator, biting roach stops.

Then the roach appears again, but the attempt to prioritise leads to the same result. It is possible, in spite of all fishing theories, to try to fish without bait. In this case, bleak and bream will be periodically disturbed. But roach can really lure not to approach.

Best of all, in order to tame the place to cut the fines to impose on the hook lupine grain. Roach loves him, but her aforementioned food competitors, not so much. The lupine can come tench, crucian and carp. But I doubt that someone from the fishermen abandon fishing these fish targeted for fishing roach.

As you can see, to catch roach on the oxbow is no more difficult than any other body of water.

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