Fishing for roach in July


A small river is the most desired place of pilgrimage for fishermen, whose passion – roach. Still, she is here most common, and therefore the efficiency of the process provided!

Hot July days flocks of roaches there are in shady places where a moderate current, washed banks and is the pits. Favorite places roach – between branches of fallen trees, overgrown grass and especially the water lilies. Under their leaves they hide to from time to time to make the jerks on the surface, picking up falling into the water insects. A good choice of location – where the water near the shore is in the shade, away from sunlight.


Catch roach Bolognese fishing rod (a telescope with a reel where the fishing line passes through the rings), it’s nice to use 13 — 14-meter plug, match rod designed for long distance casts, 8 — to 9-meter mahovym rod. They all allow you to reach far kept careful a roach. And medium and large instances it is better to catch on the bottom line (feeder) as bream or carp. Closeness to slopes and ridges – the best place for catching roach in July!

Line to equip rods should be as thin and sensitive. When the main fishing line 0,09-0,10 leash necessary 0,06-0,08 mm in diameter. Small it is desirable to select and leashes, a form of sport which should be well to take the load from 0.3 to 1 gram, it depends on the nozzle. Under load float pointer is not supposed to stick your head above the water more than one third of its size. Sensitive bite in the calm silence is better visible when the water is visible 3-5 mm «feathers.»

The hook is minimal — about No. 18 — 22 in the international classification. Nozzle, ideally, is dragging on the bottom along with a shepherd boy.


It is necessary to proceed from the calculation of one and a half to three kilos of groundbait (dry) during the day. To basic components welcome experimentation in the form of biscuits, milk powder, seed cake and/or corn, cocoa, boiled hemp seeds. And for the binding effect is perfect brought to a state of dust, cereal. It is clear that this list the list of additives is not limited, every fisherman complements it indefinitely, there would be a desire and imagination!

Proceed to the most crucial – defined «table» from which the fish will eat our bait. Throws at the supposed «Skatert-Samobranka» about 5-8 well-compressed large balls. The sighting of the cast, the precision with which You can placed as close as possible to each other all of our bullets, go to the asset the future success of the catch. It is advisable to start a couple of bait balls compress so that when in contact with water, they almost immediately fell apart. Then to our rods will fit and roach from the most remote areas downstream.

To maintain the intensity of biting can, tossing in 10-15 minutes of fishing, two small bait ball.


Bloodworms, maggots, caddis worm, chopped worm – ideal nozzle. And when the bite dies down in the course are green algae, hemp seed or small seeds of barley. As well as in winter, roach time eagerly grabs in July semolina-talker. Here, as can be seen, a flight of fancy, unconventional at first glance, the nozzles cause a good catch!

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