Fishing for roach in January

Winter is a difficult time not only for the angler, because you have to drill numerous holes, the thickness of which can reach a meter or more, and sit in the cold, but also for fish, which can experience oxygen starvation and lack of food. Before you go fishing for roach in January, we should define the reservoir. Of course, on small lakes nothing special to do, because they can be frozen almost to the bottom. But in large rivers and reservoirs, you can really hope for good and great catches. Especially if you aim at the predator. But in this article conversation will go about such a beautiful fish as roach.

Many anglers, after reading this, will think that article was written in vain, because in gluhozime caught roach very sluggish and it is better to rely on predators such as walleye, Northern pike and, of course, burbot. But they are sadly mistaken!! The claims of fishermen, and from my personal experience I would say that catching roach at this time you can with the same success as in summer! But before you go fishing for this fish, you should be well prepared. First, as already mentioned, you should refrain from fishing on a small and stagnant water, as there is a shortage of oxygen, and because of this fish is very passive. Second, you must prepare the bait. This is due to the fact that flocks of roaches are constantly migrate in search of a place where lots of oxygen and lots of food, in which mainly dominated by zooplankton. In most cases, the movement of shoals of fish directly depends on the course, as it is the main feed roaches constantly drifting. In most cases, the roach must be sought in the current, while in cloudy weather it often swims in bays or even located directly at the coast.

For bait you should use ingredients such as dough, minced sunflower seeds, bloodworms and a bit of anise or dill flavoring as anise can sometimes scare away flocks of plotvits. The ratio of components should be: the dough and the seeds necessary to take 1:1, Motyl from one to three match boxes and half a teaspoon of flavoring to three hundred grams of bait. Out of bait should be blind balls the size of a small plum and a good shrink. The highlight is that the moth is not necessary to mix in the bait, and it is necessary to put in the middle of the ball. This is to ensure that bloodworms do not eat the ubiquitous ruffs and perches – fans of easy money. In any case it is impossible, the bait balls for catching roach in January to do a larger size because the fish may simply eat and to stop biting.

If the place of fishing of the roach in January is quite a strong current, the bait should add a bit of clay. The catch of this fish it is necessary to start drilling a dozen holes, each of which must be well fed. After all holes drilled and tame, need to go back to first and start fishing.

— On the January fishing is quite simple. In any case, you cannot use the line thickness of 0.13 mm. which is more Better to use monofilament fishing line, whose diameter should range from 0.1 to 0.12 mm, the Principle of catching roach in January is very simple. If within five minutes no bites, then you should move to another hole until you find where fish. Once you’ve found such a hole, caught with a dozen beauties, and suddenly biting verse, it is not necessary to waste time and try the bait to attract the fish to its original place. To catch perch with lures, so with the help of hooks. Best fishing of the roach in January of proven hooks of the Japanese companies Owner or Maruto. If cloudy weather or you catch a evening, it is better to use phosphoric jig.

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