Fishing for roach in February

When fishing for roach in February it is best to use pokatok. This rigging is used primarily in streams. It is very simple device, but very effective when fishing for roach particularly in late winter. For its production we take the usual winter fishing rod, fishing line, we need 0.10-0.12 mm, as we can be caught and biggest catch. At the end of the fishing line tie a swivel. To him with one hand fasten a leash with a sinker, on the other hand tie fishing line with a small hook. Weight it is desirable not to bind, to fasten to the rifle, it makes our gear more versatile as we can, depending on the strength of the flow, use the required Bob weight, quickly replacing it with a lighter, or heavier. These weights are popularly known as rollers, hence our tackle and takes the name «pokatok». Fishing pokatok mostly occurs on the stanchion, however, for more effective fishing need to raise the sinker from the bottom and tighten the line or release a little further. Because of this the radius of the fished areas is greatly increased, hence increasing the chance of catching fish.

It is necessary to remember: the stronger the current, the heavier we use katachek and, accordingly, at small for the sinker touches easier. The weight is chosen so that when lifting weight it a bit endured. The hook is necessary to choose medium size (about No. 14-16 on the European classification), we could easily spread the moth. Not instead of a hook use a jig because the hook needs to be raised from the bottom position, and jig (especially heavy) will lie on the bottom, which greatly affects the quality of the fish. Nod need to pick up more rigid, as when fishing on a soft nod, we will not be able to determine the bite (a nod will be constantly in a bent position).

At high waters and a strong current fertilizer use is meaningless, since it will be washed away by the current. When fishing for white fish such as roach or Rudd, for starters, you will need to find her, because, unlike the predator, this fish goes in large flocks.

To do this, we are drilled wide enough (10-15 m between wells). If the current is weak, then necessarily feeding. The bait may be different, depending on the fish living in the pond, however, the classic is considered a dressing composed of bread crumbs, rolled oats and bloodworms. Using bait we also create a column turbidity, which greatly attracts the fish. If we find a pack of roaches, then, often, will be able to sh in this area all day long, and the fish will not be far from the hole, if not to frighten.

As a rule, roach bite near the bottom at a depth of half to two meters, however, there are cases (when there is a sudden change of weather), when it is at half depth. It is also necessary to pay attention, especially at the end of February. The bite is determined by the position of the nod. As a rule, when roach bite raises up and a nod, the larger the amplitude, the larger the fish.

Very often it turns out that far are the fishermen, seeing as you have a good bite, come and begin spudded near you, scaring the fish. This is not going anywhere, we have to put up with it. But worry about it not worth it, because for a large body of water a lot of fish and with the right approach it is very easy to catch.

Another problem for the angler who catches a white fish – there are ruffs. If you are caught perch, the best option would be to change the place of fishing, because this hungry little thing will give you peace catch.

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