Fishing for roach in December

Many anglers look forward to the onset of the December frosts. Them in establishing the ice comes one of the most interesting fishing seasons – the so-called first ice. Fish in the formation of ice cover starts active to eat, while the advantage in shallow water, which is very rich food. Later, closer to February, when the coastal zone begins the decomposition of vegetation due to lack of oxygen, the fish goes to deeper places, especially if there are underwater keys, which are rich in oxygen. The December and March is the best time to catch roach. Roach during this period is quite active, constantly moving around the pond in search of food, responding to the bait and delighting fishermen with good catches. As the water flow first covered durable enough for the release of the fishermen with ice, but today we will talk about fishing for roach in December at the lake.

In search of a place for future fishing your choice should be stopped in areas where shallow water begins after a gradual lowering of the bottom. Fishing really shallow water and in deep holes it is better to refuse, because the concentration of fish in them is low. Ideal if for catching roach in December will be found the area of the bottom, where the shallow water immediately after the beginning of a gradual lowering of the bottom with it has the relief of anomalies: bumps, curbs, and small snags. Depth in the selected fishing location shall not be less than 3 meters.

Finding reservoir is the right place, you should drill holes along where you land, and inland water. This is done in order to cover a larger perimeter, and determine what area will be released today roach. The distance between the holes must be at least 10 meters. A dozen holes is enough for a day of fishing. The use of bait for catching roach in December necessarily. Can be used as ready-made factory of the mixture and the mixture cooked at home. The main thing you need to remember that in any case it is not necessary to use a bait designed for summer fishing, since they are highly saturated with flavors, and a large number of them in cold water will lead to the opposite result. Also should abandon the use of a variety of cereals — fish them very quickly saturated, and after a short time of leaving the fishery is not giving you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of bite. In the bait be sure to add the feed bloodworms, the fact, making it more involved. Of the ten lured holes, generally only 2-3. During the day moved between wells without stopping where you did not see a single bait, the really defining «working» holes. After 2-3 hours of fishing from a dozen holes lured to select several of the most active and continue to catch them. During the day while easing the bite on the «working» holes useful in each of them toss in a small pinch of feed bloodworms. Slowly lowered into the water column, the larvae will immediately return the activity nastorozhilsya the roach.

Fishing for roach on the float rod, and rod equipped with a nod and a jig. But float rod though losing the speed of response of the fish, but has a number of great advantages. First, it significantly reduces the number of idle bites and annoying gatherings. And secondly, a correctly configured set which allows the fish to later feel that something was wrong, making the bite on the float more severe and prolonged in time, giving the angler more ability to make timely cutting.

Fishing line for catching roach in December should be used quite thin, not more than 0.1 mm, as in winter the fish are very cautious. Hook advised to use not more than №16 of the international classification. As the nozzle absolute advantage is the bloodworm, but in addition to the bloodworms, you can use thistles, the dough or worm.

Fishing for roach in December for the first ice fishing will enjoy not only a good catch, but also a large number of bright and unique bites.

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