Fishing for roach in August

Gossip is perhaps the most common fish in our waters. It can be found everywhere: in rivers, lakes, backwaters, creeks, reservoirs and ponds. The only condition is that the reservoir must be clean and fresh water. Roach prefers warm water, than due to the direct dependence of the size of the fish from the climatic location of the reservoir.

The success of the fishing of the roach in August depends on many factors. For example, if the selected reservoir is present bream and bream, it is likely that mining will become small instances. In natural conditions the August roach feeds on mosquito larvae, small crustaceans, caddis worm or filamentous algae. This amazing program allows you to catch the fish in vegetable and animal heads. Despite the fact that roach in the Russian waters is very common, she always has a favorite place where it prefers to live. In August, this grassy bays and coves, quiet stretches around the pits. When the water warms up very much, roach goes down, and the decay heat swims near the shore.

The bite of a roach, in particular small fish, are so weak and delicate that the angler will have to be prepared before going fishing. As a rule, fishing for roach in August is a float rod. Fishing from the shore involves the use of long rods, about 4-6 meters. Due to this length, you can easily fish with areas of aquatic vegetation or submerged bushes. The line it is better to take 0.15 mm in diameter and a thinner leash, small hook (No. 3-4). The float and sinker are selected depending on the strength and depth of flow.

When fishing for roach in August , you can experiment with throwing gear in the Windows of aquatic vegetation. The fisherman will need a light long rod with fishing line to 0.15 mm. the length of the line must be equal to or less than the length of the rod. This condition is necessary for more accurate casts. In case of weak fish catch can be saved using a slow sinking tips, because this behavior always triggers the fish.

As already mentioned, the roach is almost omnivorous fish. It is nice to bite on bloodworms, ant eggs, larvae, bran, small dung worm, maggots, dough with anise oil, skate. When mounting the nozzles sometimes it is useful to leave a bit sticking out the tip of a hook that will make the trip more reliable. When fishing for roach in August instead of the often used sinkers jig, makes the tackle much more sensitive.

When fishing for roach in August with the trip delay is strictly prohibited. It should be carried out even after a minor change in the behavior of the float. But you need to remember that the lips of this fish is very delicate, so may break if too sharp stroke.

Roach fishing without bait is really useless. It is necessary to throw in the pond often, but gradually. This will help to keep the flock in the right place. The bait you can use store-bought or prepared yourself. Important condition: it should consist of small particles, through which the fish can not quickly be satisfied, and will be more actively offered to take the nozzle.

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