Fishing for roach in April

Roach is one of the most common fish in Russian waters. Under favorable conditions it is possible to catch specimens weighing up to 300 grams. Generally this fish can be caught all year round, but this article describes exactly fishing for roach in April.

The first thing we must determine is the place where we are going to catch her . If fishing will occur on the river, the best way to catch a roach — it is certainly a well-chosen network. As the fish rushes along the river in search of places to lay the game, it is free to get into the network. If you plan to spend fishing for roach in April on the lake, will advance to stock up on food and wait for the right moment. Roach is a fish that has a distinctive suspicion, from any rustle or crunch can easily to scare her off.

April is the month of warm days. When the water temperature reaches 10 degrees, roach begins the vigorous activity in the pond. At this time she lays eggs. And she does this in the roots of bushes, so fishermen should not miss this moment of biting.

As roach often puts the game in the roots of aquatic vegetation, it can catch on the river. The best depth is usually not more than 2 metres. Of course, you can wear boots or bog higher and be in the water waiting for the fish to bite. But this method is not always effective, as when you go into the water then you will of course up to her and scaring the fish.

Another way of catching roach in April is fishing from a boat. Only way you will be able to silently swim up to the shore and wait quietly for their prey.

As bait for catching roach in April, you can take maggots, bloodworms, manure worms or regular dough. A few words about bait: it has its own nuances. If you find a roach, when she rushes down the river in search of a place to lay their calves, then you are wasting your bait, so to. it will just get lost in such turmoil. But if she found a Parking place, the bait will be just right. Bait will be very helpful to the young angler, as when roach lays eggs, it does not depart from this place ,and if she sees next to your bait or bait, then of course you will not be able to refuse to swallow. After that it’s up fisherman, the main thing here is not to get lost.

The skill of the fisherman is largely due to the successful fishing of the roach in April. As already mentioned earlier, in mid-spring roach is very cunning, and for the beginner it is difficult to catch. But a professional who knows how to strike and what bait is best to choose will not be difficult to get your trophy.

The best tackle for catching roach in April, it Udachnaya tackle. The length of the rods should be about 4-5 meters. The float should be weighing from 1.5 to 2 m, since only in this case, the roach will not be able to pull her with him into the depths. Moreover, the float must always be located in the area of fishing. In windy weather use indicators such as sail twine and calm this movement is the usual pulling the rod up and to the side. It is impossible to put too thick fishing line, as it will be visible in the water and it will only hurt in pulling the roach. You have to understand that the color line will be much better than usual. For catching small fry in April is ideal the green line, because it is well disguised under the color of algae and duckweed. Fish can rise to the surface, or, conversely, sink to the bottom with bait. If the bite began to decline, it is necessary to change the length of the descent.

As for necessary equipment, for catching roach in April will have to be: stand for fishing rods, SADC with pin bar packing bag for bait, plastic bag for packing the catch, a towel and a box of spare gear.

Good fishing to you and good weather conditions!


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