Fishing for roach during spawning

The spawning of roach, usually happens towards the end of April, when the water temperature reaches at least 10 degrees. The roach spawns in backwaters, not far from shore, among the vegetation at the mouths of rivers or in bays. In lakes, the roach, mainly lays eggs on the roots of bushes or in the old grass that are closer to the shore.

In the spring in open water roach can still be found in places near ponds or lakes. As a rule, after the opening of the rivers this fish is kept closer to the shore, while, frequent entrances to oxbow lakes in the floodplain and floodplain lake.

During the rise of water roach rushes to the spawning grounds. Since the ice drift to the spawning, roach is in constant motion. As roach during spawning, to aspire to small sections of rivers where the water warms up and cleared much faster, and start fishing it must be in such places.

First to catch the roach in the spring should be about mouths, and when it start to get warm, you can move upstream, however, be removed from the estuary more than 20 km should not be. The best place for catching roach is a cozy area in the Strait of suwada or bays, where water current is weak.

It is also good to catch roach on sites in the coastal border with underwater vegetation and a depth of no more than 2 meters. After the end of the spawning season, roaches can be everywhere, with the exception of the rapids. However, during the appearance of grass, roach rushes into streams, bays and backwaters of rivers. But if in the path of the roaches are places available, the fish goes to the Ghats, bridges, or in holes, where the flow is weak.

At the time of spawning of roach from anglers have an excellent opportunity for a fruitful catch. For successful catching roach fishing you should use a minimum set of baits. More experienced fishermen as bait when fishing for roach using worms, dough, maggots, bloodworms or bread. This set in any situation will help You get a good catch of roach. Also a good bait when fishing for roach are the larvae of caddis and dragonflies. Spring is a very effective way to «move small fry» when heating the water to 8 degrees, which lasts two weeks.


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