Fishing for redfin in may

May is a great time for fishing, because it was at this time almost all of the fish starts to turn to summer mode. The Queen tackles in this period is a float rod. Caught with poplavochny bream, Chub, IDE, perch, roach, Zope, ruff and many other types of fish. And even predatory pike, emaciated after spawning, do not mind to grab a tempting worm on float tackle. A great catch brings may it’s time for the Rudd. At this time it can be catch even from the shore. Many fish kept in shallow rocky plateau with a depth of about two meters. Especially if hot, may be issued, the swarms of butterflies at these points are especially tight. If fishing on the shell in such places often caught perch, when fishing on wheat Rudd meets regularly. This fish remained stable in rocky places almost the entire month and only after a cool rain, when the water rises and becomes muddy, the bite it stops. But if the water level changes up or down slightly, the fishing on stony ridges in progress. Technically this fishing is very simple. On the shores choose a location with adequate vegetation, well hidden by the fishermen, but at the same time does not stop to throw. Far throw is not necessary, enough and 10, maximum 15 metres for casting. This morning Rudd comes close to the shores to feast on falling into the water insects. And when the sun rise high the fish will move a little further from the place of fishing. But, as practice shows, no more than 3-5 meters. This is an important point. And if the morning bite quiets down, then there is no point in re-feeding the same stream. Need to quickly check the more distant jet. And where will the fish bite, there and supplementation. Dense bait balls are rarely used, it is believed that it is cheaper to feed scattering (as a shell, and wheat). And let it be long enough aft the trail, but the bait will stay near the stones. And these areas should be sh during the entire transaction. Immediately pour a handful of five or six, about 20 minutes caught and spiked a bit. And so throughout the fishing. For 3-4 hours of fishing cook about 800 grams of dry wheat grains. Length transaction, given the complexity of DNA, typically less than 15 meters. Below the bait rarely blows. Therefore, it makes little sense to aim for the far runs of the float, which leads to technical errors and hook gear. If the angler made a mistake with the choice of catching and Rudd kept a little below and does not want to come to the lure, just slightly shifted downstream and continue fishing.

The rod for shore fishing is the four-metre Bolognese rod plus a small spinning reel. This fairly short rod allows you to clearly work with the equipment and allows it to slow down in the area of rocky ridge, where it is often kept Rudd. This simple maneuver often causes the fish to bite. Floats use grams two or three, not more, as the small depth and the fish is often careful. The descent is regulated so that the hook has reached the bottom. Put nadgrajeni leash with a length of 50-60 cm and then on a short primerica in a few seconds the stones lure rises gradually. Then give a line free travel and the lure descends. This further provokes the fish.

Often, it happens in may frosts and cold snaps Rudd leaves shallow «stone» and it is there only raids. So, it’s time to look at more deep places. In principle, some pits can fish the wiring from the Bank, but in practice not so simple. To throw to have a few tens of meters. So change the snap and put the float heavier than a gram is eight. Wiring is performed, in contrast to fishing on stony ridges much longer than 30-40 meters. So long, and looking for Parking redfin, and often this tactic works very well.

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