Fishing for redfin in March

It is noticed that fishing for redfin in March, a very interesting exercise. In order to have it more effective, you need to specify the habitat of this fish species and use special delicate gear, special fertilizing, and the appropriate nozzle. So, if the winter Rudd bite very rarely because of its immobility, in March it happens very often. During this period the water under the ice there is very little, so she lives at the bottom, and at half depth. It can also be found in the pond where the bed is flooded and in a quiet river holes with a depth of 6-8 m. in addition, it can also be found at shallower depths – it all depends on the weather. When she starts spawning, it moves to the tributaries and manifests itself near shorelines at depths of 2 to 5 m. it is considered that living at depth, Rudd always chooses the hidden stations, for example, it may be several underwater holes, arranged one behind the other.

When the snow melts, and the ice appears to melt water, which, entering into the various cracks, saturates established the water with oxygen, Rudd moved to feed at half depth. It goes into the bays and often it can be found in coastal vegetation – it may be old reeds, and frozen in the ice trees. In March, Rudd often feeds very close to the narrow coastal shelves that have a depth of 1-4 m. when there are various variations of the deep.

Thus, experienced fishermen who know the pond very often catch Rudd in the same places. And in the case when they don’t immediately fall into place of its release, it is very quick to find such, making quite a lot of holes and trying to catch it on the jig. Tackle with a small lure is the most suitable for catching redfin in March. Fish it with float rods is possible only in the case when using bait. In this case everything depends on fish preferences and activity.

Finding Rudd, its easy enough to flip to the bottom using special feed, which is pre-filled in feeder. She reacts well and a different kind of ledovye mix, crackers. To create the right smell, you can add the crushed seeds. Very good is the method of luring fish to the fishing spot: tossing bloodworms or maggots small handfuls into the hole.

Picking up a head of different layers of water it is necessary to give preference to a sandwich bloodworms with wormwood. It should be noted that the more spring comes, increasingly, Rudd chooses small maggots. Sometimes, small Rudd can pull the crank, so it must be attached to the middle, leaving short ends, or attach the ring. Big fish can be on the small worm.

One of the methods of catching redfin in March of the lure is its fishing in special places. The herring is a schooling species of fish, so after catching one, you can safely expect a bite more. It should be noted that to noise from drilling of holes it applies surprisingly well.

Quite difficult to catch small Rudd. Very long to adapt to get a long-awaited trip. In the case when fishing for redfin in March is held from the bottom, it can be caught and fixed on the jig.

The fishermen accepted that in early March, the bite is not always uniform. Today, fish can peck at, and tomorrow the opposite. But anyway, its activity in this period, the highest in the morning. It is noticed that very good catches of redfin had in the morning, then the bite stopped. But the most successful turned out to be Sunny days, though sometimes, she pecked and in bad weather.

While catching redfin in March, remember that next to the roach it gets bad, so it is more efficient to look for it in other places. But often this fish is found along with bass or bream.

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