Fishing for red mullet

The mullet even has a second name – barbatus. This is quite a controversial fish, but mostly it is a bottom dweller. Fishermen have long been hunting for her on the shores of the Black, Azov and Mediterranean seas. The mullet lives on average 10 to 15 years. Adult fish swim to shore with the onset of spring, and float on depth only closer to winter.


To catch the Sultana should be prepared in advance, because on an artificial head, she’ll never bite. Catch it on real crab meat or shrimp. Shrimp can be raw or cooked. Lure mullet on mussels, earth, or sea worm.

Bait – shrimp

To simplify the task with bait, you can just buy a package of shrimp. That’s just too many not worth taking, because the fish will not bite at fresh meat. Also you should prepare a fine-pored, and even better collapsible podsachek. When you select net first and foremost is to pay attention to his pen, that it was strong and long. Do not forget about the perishable bait, especially in the heat. It is best to take your pail and keep the shrimp in cold water.

Bait – crab

This bait will produce more complicated, but at it excellent bite the mullet. Run along the shore and try to catch crabs by hand is not the best option, but to build crablouse. The wire, bent the ring to put on the grid and attach here the three strands tightly associated with overhand knot. In the center of the grid to secure the sinker, and inside to place bait where great and serve a piece of fish. Usually catch crabs from the pier or close to shore. It is better to ensure that the bait had no chance to escape and prepare high bucket. To open the shell to retrieve the bait easier with pliers.

Bait – mussels

This bait must be sought under the water. It can be rocks or stones. To get them better in the mask and very carefully, because they have sharp edges. Keep like shrimp in cold water. To get the media need a knife with which to prune bonded to each other two doors. A small piece of mussels will be enough to catch the mullet, so a bait produced can be cut for a few parts.

Bait – sea worm

As you know, the fishing worm is the most common. This bait can be bought in any store or tent, and another worm caught all sorts of fish. To get a bait you can own, but it takes a little time. Stick worm with stockings, otherwise the fish will quickly gnaw the bait.

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