Fishing for potatoes

Potatoes are good not only on desktop but also on fishing. This is one of the most simple and effective tips. Boiled potatoes perfectly caught the big fish. Carp, tench, roach, Chub is a small list of what can be caught on conventional potatoes. The main advantage of this bait is the fact that it is not expensive, and does not require extra costs, while fully guarantee a good catch with proper preparation.


How to prepare the bait of potatoes

The first step is to choose potatoes. Large tubers will not fit, better stay on the small tubers similar to the size of a tennis ball. New potatoes are not suitable, we need it from as it has more starch content.

Wash and boil the potatoes in their skins, but do not overcook, otherwise it will not stay on the hook. Cut it in big pieces and boldly see the hook.

You can also form a nozzle with the help of medical syringe, the lower part of which is to be cut. Peel potatoes and cut into slices of 1 cm, and then place it in the syringe and squeeze the cylinders of the desired size.

Chub loves potato chips that you can prepare with the fryer. Cook chips so that the hook passes freely through a piece and not destroy it. Absorbed fat well keep this bait on the water, emit a scent and attracts fish.

Bream and carp like potatoes. How it is prepared, they know everything, but for lures you need clay and little river soil. Shape from the resulting mass boilies and bait ready.

Features fishing on the potatoes

Large fish are caught well on potato bait normal for them to live in reservoirs. Any catch must start with bait, for this, throw one or a few handfuls of potatoes pre-mixed with the soil and bran in the right place for you. Some anglers prefer a special feeder that is used when fishing for bream.

If you decide to catch a carp, the bait will be a mandatory attribute of fishing, because these fish are hungry and the more you lure, the more confident she will bite.

Perhaps also the fact that the fish won’t react to potato bait. Do not despair — she’s just used to bait. You need to add in the potatoes something new, for example, dye or fragrance oil.

Experiment and be patient.

Good catch.

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