Fishing for pike in November on spinning

Pike is the most common and popular predator, which lives in many rivers and lakes of Russia. The pike fishing is popular all year round. Particularly well the predator is caught in the company George spring and late autumn. The pike fishing in the fall is practically no different from fishing in other seasons, but still has its small trick. Catch pike in November is difficult, since in some regions at this time already becoming ice fishing spinning becomes impossible. If ice yet, to catch a spinning can, and quite successfully.

Spinning for the autumn fishing should choose depending on the weight of the lures to be used. As a rule, in late autumn, pike and all other fish converge in deep space and to the wintering holes, where she waits in the cold. At this time to catch pike you need heavy lures. The choice of lures depends not only on the waterfront but also on the financial situation. It is important to find not only the catchability bait, but cheap enough. Such baits include kastmaster and spoons.

The weight of the jigs is chosen for the depth of the reservoir. The deeper the fishing spot, the greater the weight of the lure. Perfectly caught pike in the fall on a jig. Cheburashka or jig head equipped with a sharp hook and vibrohvosta or Twister can be much better than metal lures. When fishing with soft lures, it is important to choose the color that prefers the pike in this reservoir. Color matching is the method of guessing. After every 5 — 7 distance shootouts getting no result, you can easily change the colour or even type (vibrohvost, Twister and other lures).

It is important that when posting, the bait fell to the bottom. You need to bait the jerks in the deep places. To silicone lure not clung to the debris on the bottom,it is desirable to use an offset hook or nezatseplyayki. The colour can be chosen, and depending on the weather. If the weather is Sunny, it is recommended to use bait dark color. In cloudy weather usually use baits in bright colors. In November of pike to be found in the deepest areas of the reservoir as the predator with the cooling water is preparing for the winter and goes down into the pit, from which it is quite hard to draw out. Low water temperature causes the predator to behave inactive and almost never hunts. To lure the fish enough to choose the right bait. Also important is the thickness of the twine, leash and overall accuracy gear. The thinner fishing line, the more chances for a strike.

Perfect for catching the late autumn flyuorokarbonovaya leska with a diameter of 0.28 mm or braided line up to 0.12 mm. Leashes it is best to use tungsten. They are soft and thin enough not to arouse suspicion from a sedentary predator. For more ulovistost and accuracy you can put a small clasp that will be less to attract attention and to cling slime and algae.

Fishing crankbaits in the late autumn also worked well, but with a lot hooks lures often come off, which is expensive. For autumn fishing lures are selected with maximum penetration and, as a rule, a sinking or neutral.

When fishing any bait, it is important to experiment and not stay on a specific bait. The more baits you use, the greater the chance of a good haul!

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