Fishing for gudgeon in June

You pass a bridge over a small river and through the water I see like a pack of minnows stands or moves slowly in the bottom layer. Against a sandy bottom the fish can be clearly seen. And I want to deploy the gear and «leave the bait». But to any business, even such as fishing minnow should be approached with intelligence and some training.

Gudgeon – coveted prey of many anglers. And the reasons for this are several:

If the usual pond minnow, the bite is almost guaranteed;

Gudgeon – a wonderful, tasty (for the predator) and active live bait;

This fish ecologists consider a natural indicator.

The gudgeon – one of the few fish in fresh water, the behavior and condition which can be judged on the quality of water in a particular reservoir. It feels good in clean water and completely disappears from the reservoirs, where the water is contaminated. So, perhaps, this fish – coveted prey of any angler.

Where can I find minnow?

In June, the minnow returns to a familiar place. He seldom migrates. And you can find him on the sand banks in shallow pits in the shallows with a relatively weak current. Strong for a minnow not a big fan of. Trying to stay on the jet. Is moved in the bottom layer, where the flow is not particularly intense. Most of the fish can be found close to the shore.

On what bait to catch minnows?

River minnow in June, prefers animal bait: worm (or piece of it), bloodworms, maggot, the larva of a caddis worm. But towards the end of the month the fish begins to bite and plant tips, such as steamed barley, batter, bread crumb. Well he takes a sandwich from maggots and bloodworms.

The bite reliable. However, after repeated strike action. For some reason, this fish prefers first to taste the bait.

What kind of tackle to catch fish in June?

Best for catching minnows to use a centrifugal float rod with a light float and a subtle snap. Resists gudgeon pretty confident, but the main fishing line with a diameter of 0.12 is enough for catching even the largest instance («Royal fish»). The leash should be long enough for fish of this size — about 40 cm Diameter 0,08 leash provides strong fish fish.

In addition to the centrifugal fishing rods, fishing minnows you can use a plug, Bologna tackle, different types of bottom snap. But the parameters of the snap elements as a whole will remain the same.

Minnow, unlike other fish, the bite just up from the bottom. Therefore, tooling should be designed so that the cargo will be lying on the bottom or move the bottom under the influence of currents. The second option is preferable because it makes the fish less conspicuous.

Bait and bite the minnow.

The June fish – fish are smart enough. After a few bites will end with the capture of fish, a flock is usually alarming and goes to another place. To keep the minnow on the fishing spot, you need to use bait.

A well-known fact that the minnow is not indifferent to turbidity. Quite a few casts feeder trough to raise from the bottom dregs, and the bite of a gudgeon aktiviziruyutsya. It works in places where water current is weak.

Good shows itself, the bait balls of clay interspersed with bloodworms and maggots. Clay itself creates a haze. And when the clay bowl begin to get fly larvae, biting minnows sharply aktiviziruyutsya.

The bite usually follows after the bait slightly slows down the flow. Catch the fish simply. Many anglers began their journey with catching this fish. Perhaps right now someone is looking intently at the float, trying to catch their first fish. Good luck to him! And let him fall to a minnow.

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