Fishing for eel

Eel – a freshwater fish that is of the family Cyprinidae. Most fishermen ignore it due to the small size, so often in the garden, he finds himself accidentally. In the deep waters over the eel is never found, but in small overgrown lakes, ditches and small bogs this fish feels great. Eel easy experiencing adverse for other types of dry period buried deep in the mud. It is believed that he is able to crawl from one lake to another over land, as does the eel.

The diet of eel is dominated by various small animals, including molluscs, insect larvae, worms, and other. The ROE of other fish to him, too, to taste, and this often leads to the extinction of other species at a particular pond.

Features of fishing

For catching the loach used the usual float rod with delicate accessories: fishing line 0.15 mm (preferably greenish), hook No. 3 and a light, maximally sensitive float. Because the eel lives in such places where almost always happen hooks, the angler requires special care when casting and when playing. For the same reason, you should stock up on spare hooks, weights and fishing line.

As for attachments, the most efficient recognized as bloodworm, worm, caddis worm (Shitik) and the larva of bark beetles. To avoid snags, the nozzle should not throw in the thick grass, it is better to gently drive her closer to the border of vegetation. In the presence of the minor flow nozzle can be put into the drift. Slowly moving along the bottom, it will be for the eel even more attractive. If the nozzle was all the way (to the length of the line), bite and not followed, the tackle is removed and repeat the procedure. However, before casting, you need to check for damage bloodworms or worm.

During the day the loaches are equally active, and after sunset his bite is enhanced even more. However, for a short time. Bite this fish carefully, almost like Lin: float maybe a little shake, and then slowly move to the side. This means that the nozzle is swallowed, and it is time to do the cutting.

Interesting fact

Once the fishermen had caught the eel in a rather unusual way. Instead of the hook they used a small needle, on which were placed the worm along the entire length. Fishing line tied in the middle of the needle. The eel has swallowed this «design» from the end, but after the sharp cutting needle was getting him in the throat, depriving the fish have the slightest chance of release. However, when fishing with hooks ladders is also almost never observed.

Why catch loach

The incredible survivability of this fish put her in first place among all the cuttings. On the hook, the eel behaves very briskly, so a predatory fish notices from a distance. As the live bait fishermen often use it for pike and burbot.

Another reason to catch the loach is taste. Some fishermen claim that its meat is much tastier than most other fish. But cook it immediately they suggest. First you need to get rid of the swamp smell by holding fish in clean water a couple of days.

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