Fishing for Dace on microjy

It is possible that fishermen who do not use microjy at ELCA, you catch it only from early summer until September.

Using micropig, you can increase the catching period from mid-spring to early October.

In spring and autumn the lure of this type is the most effective. Probably, on the one hand, it is connected with eating fish. At this time, there’s always worms and larvae.

You need to take the bait 3 or 4 meters without a float. Hook to put on the line next to the pellet, and on it put a little red or brown silicone.

Bait should be delivered to the center of the Parking lot fish and manipulate the hook so that the bait went vertically, mimicking a living creature.

Dace will take the bait. No words, what a worm he will go willingly, but in this case, the bite will be.

During the spring period before spawning Dace feed well and survive to be caught on maggots and bloodworms. Spinners of various types they are not interested, except MICRODIA.

Microdis – jig and hook with a very small piece of silicon. Silicone can be painted in different colors, but experience shows that it is better to take the tackle bright colors.

The wiring is carried out with rhythmic movements, light jerks yield. The bait needs to play in the water layer, but not on the bottom.

In the summer of «gaining strength» spinners-turntables and wobblers.

In the fall, when the water is cool and transparent, disappear, beetles and other insects that can make full use microjy.

Pack Eltsov go down. At this depth, spinning spinners play a not so attractive for fish like fast water. Micropig in a calm depth to Dace more interesting.

In the autumn it is possible to slightly improve the bait. The sting of the hook, attach the pellet in 0.7 m with a green or red piece of silicone, or artificial bloodworms.

Move the bait with the necessary pauses, at a slower pace.

Dace bite during a pause in the moment of settling baits.

Spinning for the fishing not be suitable for everyone, you need 2-meter rod or even a little shorter.

Successfully catching Dace is possible with a mini turbine weighing 1 g to Spend them productively only in the surface layer of water. However, there is they may tempted» perched or other surface fish.

Mini-turbine can be equipped with additional light pellet, but not the fact that will make a quality transaction, because the fish often enough the very bullet, knocking the wiring.

Fishing should always take with you not only spare parts for gear, but varied. So it’s good to have two spools with different line.

ELCA scoring catch on the line-of monofil. It is possible to make long-range casting, it is almost invisible in the water.

Dace bite jerk, so cord — also suitable thing for equipment. It is easier to control the fishing: the meeting with the obstacle, fighting with claws, the moment of touching the bait fish.

To look for a Parking spot fish should be in the middle of the day near snags and snag. In the clear water elec well sees the bait and attacks it from ambush.

Sometimes Dace and near the shore only if there is a corresponding depth, it is worth it, and under looming over the shore bushes.

In autumn it is sometimes on a small clean place, because there is warmer and you can find something edible, made fast with water.

You need to consider that the elec chasing not only man, but also pike. This predator is quite capable to cut bait. Here’s the handy spare spool with the cord. Will have to sh ambush of a pike, and then switch to the ELCA.

Caught a pike and some Dace, it is not necessary to change the place. You need to check the gear, change the lure and continue fishing.

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