Fishing for Chub

Those fishermen who show interest in sports to fishing, of course, have to hunt chubs. It can be caught in any season and on any tackle. Just need to remember that this beautiful fish is very timid. She has a big head, for that is clear, and the fish got his nickname. Matching the head and eyes, too large. The body of the Chub is long, large scales. Nature has decorated the fish are not very bright, but beautiful: green, silver, orange.

Chub loves cold water and fast current, so it lives in the rivers. Bottom prefers a clean sand or stones, to allow of clay. Doesn’t like mud. Chub can be found near the whirlpool or branches of a bent tree, because there you can find a lot of insects fallen into the water. Do not look for fish in the bays, especially in the floodplains.

Chub – fish is omnivorous. It will suit molluscs, frogs, fish fry, of course, worms and insects. Will not give up Chub and from eating from the table of the fisherman may eat the cherry, growing on river banks and throw the fruit into the water. Going to eat fish and river animals: bleak, verkhovka, and the mouse caught in the river, he does not hasten to refuse.

Chub feeds mostly during the day. The full moon can come out and feed at night, then a day of biting, of course not. Fish lie down to rest. In General, to catch Chub is difficult. You need to study the habits of this fish. Fishing for Chub is divided into segments in connection with its relationship to food fish. Thus, it will be periods of spring, summer and autumn. Catching Chub in winter, but not so successfully. Because it will be isolated individuals, not a flock.

Fishing for Chub in the spring

In the spring, as soon as we see water, we can take the ground rod and go fishing for Chub. He will feed on average for. To offer quality forage during this period can be worms, minnows, bread, dough. Chub takes the bait sharply and immediately. But hooking should be careful and at the same time much. Chub rarely goes off the hook.

As soon as the may beetles, Chub moves closer to the surface, so you need to change gear. This is the rod clearomizer with a not very bright float. As the nozzle well are may beetles. They only need to be free from rigid wings.

Fishing for Chub in the summer

Summer Chub caught on the float rod and fly fishing. Places Jora fish at this time is counter-flow and the leaning trees.

Fishing for Chub in the autumn

In the fall the fish need to look at coastal cliff. As feed should be offered green frogs can smell cheese, dough, insects. In September and Oct tackle for Chub again Donka.

Fishing for Chub in winter

Winter fishing conventional jigs, but you need to work hard to catch fish. Quiet water, bordered by fast, can lure for fisherman golawice. Fisherman need to feed the hole by the butterflies. A great catch may not be, but some person in three hundred grams caught. As already mentioned, the bite from the sharp Chub. Surprise during a long wait you might miss the bait. Ice for you can use the set with a leash. Head moves like a real fish, thereby attracting Chub. If a Chub took the bait, he first goes with the flow. Fisherman, thanks to nod, notice the bite and make cutting. The fish is caught.

Winter fishing for Chub requires a lot of patience that disciplinarum man and makes him more mellow.

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