Fishing for Chub on spinning in the fall

In the fall, when the water will be relatively cold, Chub sharply changes its behavior. The main reason is the change in diet and nutrition. In the summer months, Chub mainly feeds on insects and their larvae. In autumn, he goes exclusively to hunt for fry and small fish, which now rests on the deep parts of the reservoir. Therefore, changing the place of feeding.

Fishing for Chub on spinning in the fall is most effective if you use the the rotating spinner of small size, but quite heavy. Experienced anglers are also recommended fishing from boats on crankbaits with great depth. To throw the lure to the coast, to Wobbler gradually deepened and held at the bottom as much as possible.

If fishing happens from the shore, in this case, the most suitable rotating blesna, as holding deep the lure will go on the wrong path and will be a lot of hooks.

The best fishing rod for spinning for hunting Chub is considered a «stick» in length from two and a half to three meters, and with the test from 4 to 15 grams. The rod should be lightweight or super lightweight system. Fishing line is better to use braided with a diameter of 0.1 mm or a monofilament of 0.3 mm in diameter.

As with the Chub do not ever get caught pike perch with pike, you can put a steel or nylon strap. However, it was observed that the presence of a lead number of bites Chub sharply reduced. Therefore the mounting of the protection of the line individual case of each angler.


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