Fishing for Chub on small rivers

What attracts the fishing? To a large extent on its accessibility to find a small Creek near the house is not likely to be difficult (the exception may be only if the house is close to a large plant – river that you are likely to find, but there remained in it some fish, not a fact…).

But we believe that there is a river and fish. Chub fish is very athletic, fishing and playing it is a great pleasure, even the small instance is a worthy opponent, and even if you manage to «persuade» at least a pound of Chub, here’s a good dose of adrenaline. And last, although it could be the first — each a small river, like music, can be different, but still unique. Walk for miles along the shore, at every turn discovering a new world – it’s great. But back to the Chub.

First let’s define what is a small river. In the conventional sense, is a river width of about 20-25 meters. Then what is microrack and streams. Catch Chub can be in them, but there is a specificity, and our subject today – the river the small.

Relief small river is very diverse, its length can meet various islets, shoals, sandbars, pits with a very serious depths, areas over different forces. In addition, one or both banks may be overgrown with dense shrubs, reeds, sedges overhanging the water trees. Frequent such parts of the river, which, due to the above obstacles are almost inaccessible from the shore, in this case, without boats can not do.

On such rivers Chub is the dominant fish.

So where it to find?

To search for Chub, however, like any other fish, you need a clear understanding of the algorithm behavior, and the understanding of the algorithm is impossible without knowledge of fodder. The Chub is almost omnivorous, but will never deny myself the pleasure to grab flotsam insect or grab the passing bait, and does it in an ambush. Overhanging above the water bushes and trees, shadow pockets, riffles, boulders, snags, supports of bridges, bottom bushes, grass in all these places the chance to meet the Chub is very large.

Often on small rivers one of the banks of the river is a channel, as a result there is a lot of depth and a great river in General, the structure of DNA, although this is not required. Quite often you are hitting the springs. These factors lead to the fact that the water here is cold, in the heat attracts the fish, and hence the predator that the fish catches.

If on the river there is an island, we should pay attention to the skirts of his section of the river with a strong current, these areas are usually rolls and Chub here should look at the exit of the ravine near the shallows, carefully Oblomov all obstacles (stones, snags), which formed area of calm water. Sites with a return period that occur off the coast, also should not escape attention.

Most often, the Chub takes the bait immediately after landing. But here there are subtleties. A strong blow on the surface of the water attracts, and frightens the fish. The presentation should be as similar to the usual Chub stimuli, such as a fall from branches into the water insects. Therefore, the casting should be made smoothly by slowing down the lure in the time of splashdown, the benefit of long-distance casting with this fishing we did not need, and in a small river and it is not always possible.

When Chub bait attacks?

There are three factors that make Chub actively respond to the bait. First, an immediate attack object (Malek, a beetle or something like that) is removed. In this case, the bite should be just the first centimeters of the transaction bait. Second, when the bait fish accepted by the competitor, in this case, the bite is not happening, Chub took it «butts», with the result that quite often pinpoint the gills or on the outside lip. And, third, Chub may be interested in the bait to go after her, but not to take. In this case, you must change the wiring – to make a short leap or take a short break. All of these actions Chub in a small river good to watch using polarizing glasses.

What kind of tackle should catch Chub?

It all depends entirely on the preferences of the fisherman. Someone crazy about spinning, who prefer float tackle. Good results and positive emotions can be achieved when fishing with water-filled float at animal nozzle. All these tools are quite efficient and interesting.

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