Fishing for Chub in winter rebalancer and vertical jigging

Fishing for Chub in the winter vertical jigging

Fishing for Chub vertical jigging is most often ineffective, but can give the catch at the beginning and end of ledostava. In practice, it is established that when such a catching most of the perch is biting. For catching Chub in winter vertical jigging fishermen using a small silver spinner diving or plan type with a suspended or soldered hooks.

Recently came into fashion spinners with hook hanging on a chain. Plans baubles plays well on the course. In areas with ice-free water space to catch Chub in the winter vertical jigging using summer rods, while throwing bait so that she drifted over and tyhovoddya ringleader. Often Chub can stay near the hole in which fisherman be dangerous. During the thaw in places where streams flow into the open water spaces, to catch Chub is better from the shore, while trying to impersonate Bush.

Fishing for Chub in winter on the balancer

Catching Chub in winter on the balancer need the first and last freeze-up or thaw. This time accompanied by the manifestation of the greatest fishing activity. When fishing for Chub on the balance of the amplitude of motion of the baits directed more horizontally compared to vertical jigging winter lures. The basic rule of fishing on the balancer is that at lower depths, and small stream and the balancer should be easier.

The balancer may have one or two single hooks. You can also use different variations with double or tee. The weight, shape and length of the balancer are determined by the conditions of catching Chub in winter. Are the most suitable balancers in length from four to six inches, and weighing from six to twelve grams. Regulation of the behavior of the balancer you need to perform in a bathroom or clean water. The bait moves along a trajectory similar to the eight. In some cases, it is sufficient to perform a short movement up and down or a slight tap on the bottom. And sometimes you need to play the bait more sweeping movements.

In comparison with foreign analogues balancers domestic producers are much more massive. The domestic equalizers are better suited for catching Chub in winter when deeper fishing conditions. Winter fishing for Chub is most often performed at medium or small depth. Under these conditions, it is good to use a spinning reel with a medium – 74 mm spooled with monofilament line having a diameter of 0.14-0.17 mm

For fishing for larger fish you need to choose a leash with a diameter of not less than 0.14 mm, without clasp. At the end of the leash need to do a small loop. You then need to stretch this little eyelet into the eyelet of the balancer and hold a plastic tube.

A nod must be selected in accordance with the weight of the balancer. Finnish udilnika, for example, are equipped with a nod, placed on a whip close to Tulip. When fishing for Chub in the winter balancer need to to turn to sh in a few horizons. First you need to lower the balancer and install it in five inches from the bottom. You then slowly lift the bait for twenty to thirty centimeters and dramatically drop down. Then you need to wait a bit until the vibrations subside, pause, five to seven minutes and then raise the bait to the same level, then again to repeat the manipulation.

Likewise, you need to perform the following oblaivanie in water level, while raising the balancer to a height of fifty to seventy centimeters. Gradually, adding to thirty, forty centimeters, you need to bring the game to the ice. It should be noted that under the ice the Chub can often bite during the last ice, especially in places where streams flow into the river and there are areas with a large area of open water.

When fishing for Chub in the winter at depths greater than five meters is better to use soft, thin, braided line. This fishing line does not threaten the icing, because fishermen tend to try to catch Chub in the winter during a thaw.

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