Fishing for Chub in the summer

Fishing for Chub in summer, especially popular in prudence and float rods. Catch the fish in the wiring from the bottom, with the mandatory use of bait in advance wygranych. The thing is that Chub prefer to avoid the convenient for the transaction smooth bottom topography, choosing areas with more difficult terrain. However, the constant abundant food of the Chub can be easily trained to eat in a special place.

If this is not possible, as prudence to use a rod with a float. In this case, the baited hook is on the bottom of the reservoir, and the distance between the lever and the float have approximately twice the depth of the place of fishing. This method is well suited for areas with the hanging over the water with tree branches when you need to throw a tackle in narrow spaces between small obstacles.

As for rods, it is better to choose a 5 meter long, with flexible end and quite close rings. It should pay particular attention, since the bites of big Chub would be almost impossible to bleed the line from the spool, and here comes the shock-absorbing properties of the rod. Equipment must be chosen in accordance with such indicators as the rate of flow and depth of fishing.

With moderate flow is best to use increasing weights, designed so that the float will be slightly pretplata, and there will be one antenna. Experts advise to use 2 leash. One of them is fixed below the sinker, and the other at 30cm above. Moreover, the upper leash fastened so as to avoid twisting around the main line.

On average for the weight and size of the sinkers increased, and the float remains the same as with moderate current. Pressure flow kompensiruet sample of slack between the end of the rod and the float.

For the most strong currents selectable ring sinker, and the float rises and hangs in the air, speaking a kind of gatehouse. It must be remembered that the length of the line in this case should not exceed the length of the rod. The thickness of the twine needs to be of 0.12-0.17 mm Than the coarser will be the tackle, the sharper will decrease the number of bites. The sizes of hooks is directly proportional to the size of the nozzles.

As nozzles for the summer fishing for Chub, you can use the manure worm, larvae of the caddis worm, much less maggots. Unknown bait Chub perceives very cautious.

The most common method of catching this fish is catching at insects on the surface. Tips here are dragonflies, grasshoppers, beetles, that is the most familiar natural food. The choice of bait depends on the peculiarities of the chosen place of fishing. For example, if above water the trees, so the wind with them in the water strahovatsya are leaf beetles. Therefore, this bait should be used for fishing.

The rod in this case, suitable more rigid. Often rigging for surface fishing is put on the spinning. In this case, it is best to use spinning reels. The float and sinker are not used here, so the grandmother or Khrushchev sent in the free swimming. If we talk about spinning, it is better to use spinners with narrow petals, which worked well in the fast current.


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