Fishing for Chub in the spring

Chub usually inhabits in rivers, but can sometimes go into the flow of the lake. Learn Chub can be on the broad forehead, the body is almost cylindrical in shape and orange color of all fins except the dorsal.

Fishing for Chub in the spring starts right after the arrival of the first warm days. When spring fishing for Chub in the month of March is well to use a spinning reel with lures, for example, with a crankbait.

Catching chubs in the spring better on the small ice-free rivers near the coast. At this the spring fishing should be lowered head for a few tens of meters, and then slowly pull it up. When you use the crank it should be carried out at a distance of not more than two feet from the shore that it is possible to execute only with the depth in the place of catching more than one meter.

In March or April ends with the spawning of Chub, and you can start spring fishing for Chub on the donkey. After spawning, the fish becomes tired and has been for some time resting in the pits. Then Chub begins to actively move around the pond in search of food.

Fishing for Chub in the spring can last all day, during which only in the night from twelve hours to two a nibble can stop that gives the fish a short rest.

In the spring the water is quite murky and fishermen when fishing for Chub benefit. The Chub belongs to the shy fish, and in murky water, he does not notice either the angler or fishing line, poses a direct threat to fish. And used by fisherman nozzle Chub finds created by head movement or smell.

Spring fishing for Chub is done in areas where the bottom is fairly smooth, clay or sandy. Water depth in the place of fishing should be about one to two meters, and the average or slow. On the river with a rapid current to catch Chub spring in the quiet backwaters. At the end of the spawning Chub trying to find a peaceful place to feed, so in the spring it is possible to find at the mouths of rivers and streams.

Fishing For Chub in the spring it is best to use a ground rod, which is quite simple to construct. Based on donkey need to take a solid rod with a length of about two meters and a half. On the rod you need to establish ordinary inertia reel.

For the construction of such gear are required to use a fishing line with a diameter of about 0.4 mm and a lead diameter 0.1 mm less taken the line. At the end of the selected fishing line to attach a sinker weight, determined by the rate of flow in the pond. The weight when fishing for Chub in the spring is taken depending on the flow of the reservoir. In the spring, as a rule, flow in reservoirs is not weak, so you need to take a flat sinker or sinker in the shape of a spoon.

When spring fishing for Chub fishermen use the nozzle of larval lampreys. These larvae can dig shovel into the muddy ground near the water. The nozzle of lampreys is better to prepare in advance because in the planned fishing spot larvae may not be.

When fishing for Chub in the spring it is best to use larvae with a size of ten centimeters. Larval lampreys smaller fishermen usually nasazhivajut on a hook from several pieces. To stick the need for lamprey mouth so she didn’t try to burrow into the ground. For spring catching of a Chub, you can also use the large earthworms, which are collected after a rain or the lure on the surface rich lawn sprinklers or garden beds.

For catching Chub in the spring as bait fit and may-bug when using bottom or float fishing-rods. Beetle is better to stick one on the hook, while the stinger hook was left bare. Some anglers prefer to tear off the hard top wings of a beetle, but experienced fishermen believe that this does not improve the bite. When fishing for Chub at the end of may, you can use the nozzle of the tracks, which for Chub are a good treat.

For catching Chub in the spring you can use a mobile tackle. We need to apply the usual Donk and light enough sinker. Such a set allows you to perform transactions on the most «fish» places in the pond and check out all its attractive sites. For this method of fishing Chub need to use a spinning reel.

The best time for fishing for Chub in the spring occurs after sunset. Good bite can begin about seven or eight o’clock in the evening and continue for several hours. At night the biting decreases, but sleeping fisherman still not worth it because that night, there is a possibility for catching a record instance of Chub. The bite becomes active again about five o’clock in the morning and continues till nine o’clock.

Knowing the habits of the Chub and using the advice of seasoned anglers, even a novice fisherman can get a good catch when fishing for Chub in the spring.

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