Fishing for Chub in the autumn

With the onset of autumn Chub behavior changes significantly. The main reason is change in the diet. If in the summer time, the fish ate mostly insects, in the autumn it begins to eat small fish. Therefore, changing the habitat of the Chub, after the change in the autumn prefers to stay at depth. At this time, look for Chub need for more quiet areas.

Fishing for Chub in the autumn of the spinning is done on turntables with load on the front and turntables with a heavy tip. Fairly successful is fishing from a boat by using a deep crankbait. Casts are made up of driftwood, under a steep Bank, where the Wobbler dives and passes very close to the bottom. Fishing from shore is best done with turntables, because deep-water Wobbler will not be able to give the correct trajectory and the probability of hooks is quite large. However, spinning is not the most popular tackle for catching Chub in the autumn.

As for float fishing rods, to catch her in the steep banks of considerable depth and slight current. Nozzle when it is lowered not more than 0.5 m from the bottom. The perfect attachment would be the dough balls, grasshoppers or caterpillars. The line it is desirable to use transparent, with a diameter of not more than 0.15 mm, the Hooks should be selected with a short forend, and their sizes depend on the size of bait. The float should choose the most sensitive. For successful fishing for Chub in the autumn it is recommended to use the bait, which is a selection of cereals, cake or steamed corn. The most effective time fishing with a float fishing rod – early in the morning.

A perfect result gives fishing for Chub in the autumn in the wiring toad. To do this, use rod, the stock of fishing line on the reel should not be less than 50 m, 0.25 mm diameter fishing line, hook No. 10 and invisible float. The bait here is the usual frog, caught behind the back. The sinker should be placed 20 cm from the hook to provide the frog free movement. The depth is preferably set in the range of 2 m. This method is perfect for boat fishing. The bait flew about 20 meters back, after which the transaction is repeated again. When these fish are in the Parking lots of Chub, no need to change the place of fishing right after a few good bites, because frightened away the fish always quickly returns to its original place.

When fishing for Chub in the autumn of bottom rods, the bite is always more intense than in summer, and continues until mid-October. After reducing the temperature of the water activity of the Chub considerably reduced and the fish have more time in the pits. Look for Chub at this time will have considerable depth with a cluttered and uneven bottom topography. To feed it comes out only in good weather, but trying not to stray too far from the Parking lot. Fishing ground can be performed on the pit, or out of it. Showerheads can become a bunch of worms, small fish, frog. Well-proven bait of raw liver. When a rare autumn sun begins to warm, the activity of Chub rises again. Bite character is not as sharp as in the summer months, but also quite sure.

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