Fishing for Chub in September

In September, when there is a noticeable decrease in temperature of air and water, Chub leave the shallows, moving to deeper places with a moderate current. Intensive feeding of fish with the increases, but with further cold water, its activity is greatly reduced. Fishing for Chub in September is usually when the weather is nice, the hours from 9-10 am. He prefers to stay at the steep banks, because there is a slight current and the required depth. In such places it is possible to catch Chub conventional float rod, lowering the nozzle of about 1.5 meters from the bottom. Great tips to be a grasshopper, a caterpillar, a piece of dough or bread pellets.

Another great tip for catching Chub in September, is a small minnow, which is placed immediately on 2-3 hook. The attachment should be secured so that the Chub in the grip definitely swallowed at least one of them. For example, you can use tee No. 5, entered in the dorsal fin of the fish, and a single hook No. 5, catch fry upper lip. In the latter case, the stinger hook should output. You can also catch half of the gudgeon, spitted on the hook only its tail section. However, this lure is more suited to a donkey. Also when fishing on the float rod and on a Donk sometimes use meat shells (perlovitsy or Fluke). Very rarely a bite of bread. You can also use not quite unusual nozzle – fresh chicken intestine or a piece of raw liver.

It gives good results for the September fishing for Chub in the transaction. As a nozzle it is possible to use an ordinary frog. If the size of the nozzle will be larger than a walnut, there is a good opportunity to catch a bigger specimen. The most productive fishing tackle for catching Chub in September is a rod. It should be equipped with a coil, the stock of fishing line which must not be less than 50 meters. It is advisable not to use too bright floats, because they have a deterrent effect. To frog impaled on the hook, was free to move, the sinker needs to be fixed at a distance of 0.25 m from the hook.

Catch the September Chub is possible also in deep places, preferably at the beginning or at the end of the hike, near fallen trees, under overhanging above the water bushes or just below the mouth of small rivers or streams. The frog in this case are released to drift at a distance of 2 meters from the surface. If he swims without a bite of 20-30 meters, the transaction must be repeated. This method is very handy when fishing from a boat. If even 10 attempts did not lead to biting, the fishing place is advised to change.

If was lucky enough to get to the Parking lot of fish, no need to rush to find a new place immediately after the conclusion 1-2 copies. As a rule, frightened away the fish will quickly return. Such behavior is typical for the September Chub. Bite it is characterized by sharp jerk of the float under water. But not worth hooking. Fish need time to swallow the frog.

Fishing for Chub on float tackle at the end of September practically stops. So now you need to go to the bottom. In early autumn they are much ulovistye than in summer.


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