Fishing for Chub in October

Look for the Chub in mid-autumn consults in rather deep areas, for example, at the beginning or at the end of the river under the overhanging above the water bushes near the fallen trees below the mouth of small streams and rivers. The best bait for catching Chub in October is considered a normal frog. It allowed to drift at a distance of 1.5-2 meters from the shore. In case the bait will swim 20-30 metres and bites will not go, you need to redo the wiring again. This method is perfect for autumn fishing with the boat set the anchor.

There is no meaning to stay long in one place, and after 10 unsuccessful transaction it will have to change. If you came across a lot of fish, to change the place after the arrest of several instances, on the contrary, it is not necessary. Experienced anglers instead suggest briefly stop catch, and resume it after some time. As a rule, frightened away the fish leaves the feeding place or Parking for a while. It is primarily an autumn Chub.

During the bite instantly the float disappears under the water. However it is not necessary to hurry with hooking, because the Chub needs to have time to swallow the bait. Vigorous cutting is made only after a certain time. Fishing for Chub in October, you can continue in the light throughout the day.

Where to find Chub?

In the middle of autumn Chub had almost not caught on conventional float tackle, so you can continue to catch him I need Donny. During this period the bite of any fish deteriorates considerably, compared with summer, though, and continues until freeze-up. This is primarily due to a significant decrease golava activity due to the strong cooling of the water. During this period, the Chub more time in the pits.

Fishing for Chub in October is carried out exclusively at depth. For wintering the fish chooses the most deep and cluttered areas of the pond bottom with pronounced irregularities. If the weather is good the fish out for feeding, but far from his hole trying not to move. Fishing can be done in the hole or outputs from it with sandy, stony or clay bottom. To shoals, Chub at this time trying not to go, but can sometimes appear on the sandy banks down to 2.5-3 metres with moderate flow. Most likely he goes out there to hunt its favorite prey — the minnows.


For catching Chub in October, as the nozzle is advised to use small minnows, frogs, worms beams, cancer of the cervix. Do not shun this fish bread and dough, but takes them much worse. Well proven as bait: chicken entrails and pieces of raw beef liver.

Bite Chub in October, start at 11, that is, when the sun begins to warm the pond. They’re not as sharp as in the summer, but as before pretty confident with the suspended load line begins to noticeably stretch, and in the absence of any alarm the tip of the rod bends over markedly to the water. With long line cutting must be done boldly and widely to choose all of her weakening. When playing Chub strongly resists, even in this time of year.


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