Fishing for Chub in June

Every hunter knows where the pheasant, but not every fisherman knows how to catch Chub in June. Most fishermen prefer to catch a standard fish species such as roach, perch, bream, pike, perch, etc. it is Time to fish and Chub, especially those who have never seen this beautiful representative of the family Cyprinidae. But first you need to know a little about the lifestyle of this handsome, not to remain without a catch.

Chub is a freshwater fish dwelling mostly in small rivers with a strong current, where there is rocky bottom, and hit the keys that make the river more clean and cold. Small representatives of this species swim in schools and like to be under the branches of trees or shrubs, where they fall to different insects. Larger individuals (massoy1,5 – 2.5 kg) are beginning to swim alone, thereby expanding their diet, adding to its menu of small fish, large beetles, frogs, tadpoles. In General, the Chub in terms of food in what does not deny — he eats everything, from all kinds of insects and ending with the frogs, and he loves bread, berries, cheese, etc. with the bait for Chub is no problem. Chub are not fussy fish are biting almost year round, excellent time for catching Chub are may and June. Fishing for Chub in early summer can be divided into two periods:

— the first half. This period can be attributed to spring fishing for Chub, which starts from late April and lasts until mid — June. Importantly, during this period is the spawning of the Chub, so he caught the whole day. The best bait at this time is the may beetle. To collect beetles better before sunrise while they are in a daze. They can be fished as a float and bottom fishing rod and also fly fishing. On the hook is recommended to stick to a single beetle, and leaving the hook tip exposed. The float level should be chosen according to the place of fishing, but rather from objects floating on the surface of the water. The thickness of the twine, able to withstand the weight of almost any smut – 0,22-0,25 mm, and the descent from half a meter to a meter. Chub grabs his head quickly and immediately swallows, so better to strike quickly and at the same time smoothly.

— second half. Prior to this period there is a large variety of insects and therefore the Chub starting to appear in the upper layers of the water, hunting for these insects. An excellent time for fishing is morning, late evening and night. The best bait during this period will be the strong point. This is perhaps the most sought-after delicacy for Chub, besides the grasshoppers cling to the hook, allowing for long casts. The hook is recommended to take No. 8-9, before mounting the horse you need to cut off his legs.

Essential tools for catching Chub in June are: spinning, float and fly rods. Catch on bottom fishing is not recommended because the catch will be small. Chub — fish shy, so it is recommended to throw a line of trees or shrubs, not rising to his full height. A good bite!


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