Fishing for Chub in July

Those who decided to go on the extraction of Chub, you first need to know where this fish lives. Chub likes rivers with medium to fast current, and also stone shoals. Especially a lot of it lives in tributaries of large rivers. Live chubs in small flocks. Stone shoals, a place where they come together in shoals for spawning. Spawning of this fish takes place during flowering bird cherry, almost at the same time with the roach. Females during the spawning season are located below the roll, while the males are in the shallows. Vigorously pushing and moving, fish are released from milk and calves. And at this time they are hard to grab the bait.

Most beginners in the field of mining chubs wrong, considering that this fish can be caught if Chub doesn’t see the angler. This is a fairly common mistake of a novice angler. Chubs careful just for quiet flow at the surface. If you want to achieve great results when fishing for Chub, it is necessary to know the locations of bridges or dams, the result will exceed all expectations, as in the daytime large Chub hiding in the pit under the bridge spans.

If you are going fishing for Chub at the time of high water, good results can not wait – this fish gives excellent biting only when the loss or gains of water.

Before lightning rains Chub stops to peck at, just after a rain intensive feeding is resumed. In hot weather Chub bite and early in the morning and in the evening.

At night to «hunt» go big chubs that day deposited in the pit.

When choosing a place to fish, do not chase a mirrored surface — Chub bite better where a little zibit. The Chub, like any other fish, you can first a little bit to feed. As bait is perfect baked blood, suet.

For catching chubs in the middle of summer need to know what the best bait is crickets, maggots, rats, bugs «Kuzka». In summer, Chub bite better than most other fish, but there is a time when it practically takes the nozzle. This time – mid summer, July. This is due to the very high temperature, so that at this time there a large number of moths. We night — stop eating during the day. The most trouble-free attachment is a strong point. The quality of the gear used spinning rods with a predetermined float, float and fly rods. Determine the catch of Chub instant dismissal float in the water. After this you need cutting, the more the longer line. To pull the fish on the beach, preferably portage, because he saw a fisherman Chub does it!!! He begins to make sudden movements, creating such a strong buzz that the Chub in the water, go away from this place for a long time. When hunting large specimens have a little try. A fish, the seahorse does not appeal, there will need different bait. The ideal option is to fry. You will need 3 hooks that must be mounted and fry.

Generally, the Chub is omnivorous fish. Eat everything that gets into the water up to the cherries. Large Chub are predators with a big appetite: eating minnows, can even eat fallen into the water mouse. They eat not always the same. Their taste preferences are changing depending on the time of year. In the spring, eat worms, fish eggs, shellfish, summer their diet is mostly insects, and in autumn the small fish and frogs.

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