Fishing for Chub in August

August month is different because there is a huge number of different insects, and the water is visibly clean from dirt and turbidity. All this leads to the fact that Chub are more common in the upper layers of the water to hunt for fallen insects. In addition, in late summer appear grasshoppers – great bait for fishing for Chub in August. The main advantage of such bait is that the horse is kept on the hook, which in turn allows you to perform for catching this fish is a very important long casts.

Chub in August prefers deeper areas with a slower current. Here it is best to catch bottom fishing on small minnows, crab meat or shell-perlovitsy, cubes of salami or cheese, chicken guts, grain pellets, the larvae of river lamprey, frog, pieces of suet. For catching perfect stiff elastic rod with a reel. And the spool after the cast are sure to put on the brake. If he is weak, then the line can be cover the handle of the coil to avoid the possibility of pulling the fishing line with a sharp bite. For such attachments, as the cubes of sausage or cheese, crab meat, pellets of bread, it is desirable to take a small treble hooks №№ 5-6. When fishing medium and large instances use of larger nozzles, as the mouth of the fish is large and at small nozzle and small hooks is more empty offensive bites and gatherings. Immediately after the bite you need for 3-4 seconds to slightly loosen the line, then slowly reel it in. To draw out Chub should be taking itology, not raising it to the surface.

In the case of night fishing for Chub in August, a frog or a small minnow, tackle best to put on the pebbly shoals, far from the habitat of the fish. The nozzle is thus thrown almost at the coast. Most of these techniques give good results. The main thing is to keep the fishing line does not SAG too much. Chub bite much more readily when the water surface is a ripple or small wave. During a calm the bite begins to slacken. If fishing takes place on the shipping markets, it is recommended to wait until the passage of the ship and the waves. In addition, the last condition is essential for fishing for Chub in August on spinning. Spinners choose the following types for the average Spinner, «Trofimovskaya», «Universal». Best suited a little tarnished spinners are made of red copper, which are often the most productive.

Spinners should be cast across the current, allowing them after casting to spliut in the bottom layers of water at the back of the slow retrieve of the line. Then, once the spoon is fully splive downwards and that the line drawn at an angle of approximately 45° to the shore, you can immediately begin to reverse the smooth retrieve of the line. At this point, at the beginning of the way back of the lure, most often occur bite – strong, sharp, do not require undercuts and oblige fishermen all the time to hold on tight to the handle on the drum of the reel. In the case of fishing on a spinning rod with a sinker that goes in front of the spinners, often sharp grip fish sinker. Therefore, it is not recommended to leave it hanging troynitsky. The best hours for fishing for Chub in August is the time from 9 to 10 a.m. and from 15 to 17 PM.

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