Fishing for catfish on frog

The frog is the best bait when fishing of a predator such as a catfish. However, many anglers, not having the necessary experience and here may be disappointed. You must understand that to catch catfish you need in certain places, but not shallow water and ocean bottom pits. For fishing in such places the frog is actually considered to be the bait.

To fish using a frog for the entire season, which lasts from June in the month of August. For fishing, you must use only live bait, but often the question arises – how to catch frogs, because they are characterized by high agility. This requires agility, ingenuity and skill.

It’s very simple, you must dig a hole 5 metres from the water, about a meter in depth. Just a day the hole will be teeming with these creatures. Because of their stupidity and overwhelming lyubopitnost frogs themselves will jump into the pit, only to get them out as needed and stick to the rod.

Keep frogs, it is better again going fishing to repeat the procedure with a pit. Although if there is a great desire and once the terrarium can be left to hold themselves, but we must not forget about their insane gluttony. To feed the frogs can ordinary worms, but in large amounts, because these creatures just appetite.

But this is not the way, the wild frogs at home are sedentary, so they lose their appetite and color. That will greatly affect the response of the long-awaited catfish, he loves bright and agile creatures. As the tackle for fishing it is necessary to use Kwok, whether factory or handicraft manufacturing. Most importantly, ensure that the product is durable.

In the process of catching it is worth remembering that being a long time under water, the frog will die because it breathes atmospheric air. So the supply of animals must be replenished regularly, or the toad did not die, about every 20 minutes it should be removed from the water, and giving breath to send it back under the water.

Stick this bait is only necessary for the presser foot, and in any case not for anything else. For the most successful fishing it is best to use creatures of medium size, large specimens of catfish can just ignore, without reacting to them.

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