Fishing for catfish in the winter

Catfish – the largest freshwater giants that live in our rivers. This fish is a loner, she leads a sedentary lifestyle. Prefers to sink to the depths of the pond, choosing dark pools and pits. Som unpretentious in food, so eat any animals floating around. But fishing for catfish during winter – it is not easy. It requires selecting a good place – not far from snags and holes. To fish better in the dark or at dusk because the fish bite much worse, hiding from the sunlight. But if in the street cloudy weather or snowfall, you can safely go out fishing during the day.

First you need to drill a hole of the required size. You can then throw the gear (samodur) into the hole. If the hole is drilled correctly, that is, near the Parking lot of fish, the result you will feel very soon. Maximum caution must be Samoter get out of the hole, because it can come across multiple instances. Pulling catfish out of the hole it is impossible to slow down, otherwise the fish can easily slip off the hook under its own weight. On the surface of the water, for reassurance, sluggish fish, you need to pierce the hook.

Wintering catfish in a quiet and deep holes. Moreover, in a pit can be multiple instances. Fish almost never leaves their homes but runs past the bait will not leave her indifferent. Catfish usually instantly grabs the bait, then you can safely carry out cutting. In the winter time catfish feel the lack of food, so they are easily attracted to artificial baits like jig.

Fishing for catfish in the winter requires skill and special patience. It is only for the true professional, because not everyone can decide to collect the gear and drill the holes when the outside temperatures or wind. To begin preparation for such fishing is desirable. Therefore advisable to pick up and prepare the rig back in the summer. Catfish are considered to be worthy opponents in the struggle for life, providing a strong resistance, causing the unique excitement of the fishermen. Some believe that fishing is practically useless, while others successfully catch large trophies. It is believed that the catfish can quickly gain weight, reaching a weight of up to 300 kg.

Going fishing for catfish in the winter, it is necessary to arm the drill and special device, which consists of several hooks attached to them goods. This gear is tied to a rope, or a solid line. This method, of course, be called a professional or sports, nevertheless the results it shows very well.

Bait for catching catfish in the winter must be silicone with heavy heads, through which you can easily lower the bait to the bottom. Their optimal length – 10-17 cm To determine the correct color of lure you need to know exactly what the water will be fishing. For fishing in troubled waters fit neon yellow silicone lure and in clear water you can use gold and silver. Good results give also a vivid lure with glitter.

As baits for winter fishing catfish perfect lead head hooks arranged at an angle of 45 degrees. Optimal head weight – 15-35 gr. On reservoirs with the strong current you must use a head in the shape of olives weighing from 20 grams. For quiet places suitable head brand of any weight and shape. Without silicone lures and head to catch catfish in winter is almost impossible.

While catching catfish in the winter you need to be extremely careful, because the big trophy, entangled in fishing line, can easily pull the fisherman into the water. The main thing here is not to get lost, not allowing the fish to recover gear. Som is one of the most coveted goals of any fisherman, after catching it is not so easy because of its considerable weight and great suspicion.

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