Fishing for catfish in the winter, a proven method

Fishing for catfish in winter requires special skills and patience. Winter fishing, in search of a catfish is considered a pastime only of the fisherman, because not everyone will dare to drill holes and collect gear, when it’s blowing snow or frost. To prepare for a fishing trip in advance, so experienced fishermen pick up place for fishing and collecting fishing equipment in the summer. Catfish is a worthy opponent in the struggle for survival, and therefore has a very strong resistance, which, of course, causes great excitement among the fishermen. There are many conflicting opinions about winter fishing for catfish, some believe that this trip is practically useless, others successfully catch decent copies. Everyone knows that soma is very quickly gain weight and can reach a weight of three hundred pounds.

Closer to winter, catfish in search of a hiding place moved to the pit. In one pit can be a few individuals, where they overwinter, however, at the sight of the moving lure, the fish will not remain indifferent. Som instantly grab the bait, and then it can be safely reel in.

In the winter, catfish are deprived of food, so they can easily attract artificial bait in the form of a jig. According to experts, the fish are more active at dusk, but if it’s snowing, or cloudy weather, we can safely hunt for catfish during the day.

Our ancestors went out fishing with a drill and special device in the form of several hooks with fixed cargo, this rig is tied to strong fishing line or rope. This method of course cannot be called a sport or a professional, but the results of this method is very effective.

Method of fishing the old-fashioned method

Look for catfish in the winter you need on polysaprobic, or blurred near the coast. The hardest part will be to find a hole where used to live the fish in the winter. So experienced anglers are rushing to define these areas in the summer. And remember, the deeper the pit, the more chances of catching the desired prey. To start, you need to cut a hole the right size, then have to throw the equipment, called samudera in the hole. If the hole is cut right, near the Parking lot of fish, the result is long wait. Gently pull Samoter of holes, this arrangement may come across several individuals. The catch must be extracted with caution, try not to slow down, as the fish can easily slip down under its own weight. To be sure, on the surface of the water, it is necessary to pierce the fish lethargic excess.

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