Fishing for catfish in the summer

Soma is deservedly considered the largest predatory fish of our waters. He has a large elongated body with a broad head. He gives preference to reservoirs with warmer water, but stays there alone. You can often meet him in the lake basins, rivers, snag whirlpools. Catfish feed on small fish, frogs, leeches, mollusks, even small waterfowl. Choice of fishing depends on many conditions. Before fishing, you must study the place of fishing. Som easily reveals itself in the characteristic «brochant» and bursts of water. To catch this fish a bottom bait, a float, Kwok, spinning, treadmill on dead fish or oscillating the spinner. The rod length should be 1.1 – 1.3 meters with a powerful spinning reel. Hook is better to take a single, but may occasionally used double or triple. When choosing a fishing line is better to give preference monofilament cross-section with a thickness of 0,6 — 0,8 mm Sinker used depending on flow rate.

In summer, the number of varieties of baits is greatly increased. These include cervical cancer, mole crickets, frogs, worms, shellfish, live or dead fish, locusts, etc. in the evening the catfish should be properly fed. To throw the Donk better before rolling or at the mouth of the Strait. For catfish it is better to take a large forged hook, because the fish is quite strong. Bait must be placed under the boat.

The catfish bite in the lungs, and then stretched, which is a signal for sweeps. The line at this point, need a bit to take at once sharply to hook in. Hooked catfish tries to escape in the snags. Here you need to be very careful when boat angling slowly to drag the prey to the shallows.

Catfish can be easily caught in summer. This fish is very sensitive to cold and lives only in warm waters. It begins spawning in June when water temperature warms up above 20 degrees. Otmetiv caviar, catfish especially greedy bite. This occurs in late June – July. Bites happen most often at dusk and dawn, much less a day. Fishing line should be in the thickness of 0,3-0,4 mm, hooks №№10, 11 and 12. Particularly active catfish takes the bait.

When fishing on spinning the required load (from 50 to 250 g) determines the force of the current. On low for choose heavy spinning. The line it is better to take wicker and reel – baitcasting. Baits serve as a foam polymer or rubber fish with a sinker 15-50 g. the products are advised to place in the bow fish. When fishing for catfish it is recommended to use lures of different designs. For wide rivers are perfect wobblers with a diving depth of more than 4.5 m.

At night catfish are attracted to bait that move almost on the surface. At the dawn you can take the bait of all colors, but in the West, better to give preference to lighter tones. In small ponds and in the coastal zone are the most productive bait of the «mouse», and to catch them it’s best in twilight.

The most frequently used vertical jigging is the fishing on mormyshka. As in all cases, the weight of the spinner and mormyshkas tackle will depend on the power flow in each pond.

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