Fishing for catfish in the spring

Catfish spends winter in wintering pits and begins to Wake up after warm up the water in the reservoir up to ten degrees. Fishing for catfish in the spring depends on weather conditions and water temperature. Usually spring fishing catfish begins in April.

After the winter holiday catfish prefers to be near wintering holes. The behaviour of catfish during this period differs little apprehension. With the gradual warming water catfish begins to increasingly move to small places. On warm Sunny days, som can go to bask in the pools and shoals. In those days, spring fishing for catfish can be productive, and by night in a period som bad bite.

To catch catfish in the spring, you can use any bits and baits, especially good catfish can bite before spawning, when his appetite is greatly enhanced. As a rule, catfish begin to spawn in may when water temperature reaches eighteen degrees. Spawning catfish usually lasts two to three weeks. After spawning catfish some time resting, and then he starts a long and rather severe famine. At this time fishing for catfish in the spring can be very effective.

Fishing for catfish is best done in the spring in April and may, though the catfish bite at this time is unstable, depends on precipitation and weather changes. To catch catfish in the spring you can with the boat and from the shore. For catching catfish there is a large variety of lures and nozzles. Fishermen for catching catfish use artificial and natural bait.

For fishing for catfish in the spring, fishermen often use a very durable spinning. The fishing-rod for catching catfish must be short in length from two to two and a half meters. The rod is equipped with rings. Now there is a large variety of coils, taking the load off of the rod and the fishing line. For spring catfish boat fishermen prefer to use a baitcasting reel, while that reel is difficult to perform long-distance casting. For other cases, fishing for catfish in the spring, fishermen use powerful dual coil or inertial, are a little cheaper.

When spring fishing for catfish anglers fishing line is usually used by a network, is able to withstand loads of up to thirty or forty pounds. Such a network is the best option. Thicker braids may complicate long casts.

Fishing for catfish in the spring is performed using as nozzles lure for catfish or artificial mouse. Such tips are usually given in the spring with good results. When spring fishing for catfish also used a ground rod. For catching catfish in the spring on a Donk boat anglers use snap, just spinning, instead of the bait I use the cargo with the powerful (preferably forged) hook. The weight of the load, typically up to thirty grams, but he can be more determined by the flow in the pond. With this method of fishing for catfish in the spring leashes fishermen don’t use.

For fishing for catfish in the spring from shore fishermen usually use a fishing rod, and motoviltse for a scaffold, which has a thickness of 0.7 millimeters. With this method of catching catfish in the spring, the fishermen use a leash with a thickness of 0.6 millimeters. At the end of the line fishermen cling to a weight of not less than fifty grams. At a distance of twenty to twenty five centimeters is performed attaching two leashes with hooks. Alarm the fishermen use a bell.

In may can be a good catch at the spring fishing for catfish on Kwok. Often fishermen use as bait vovchka, large earthworm, leech. And when fishing for catfish at Kwok for bait you can use the frog.

For catching catfish in the spring the most suitable places fishermen believe that the exit from the pits, soma used for wintering. To catch catfish in the spring better in the second half of the day. At this time, the water in the pond is a little heated, and som carries out its journey.

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